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Related post: drain upon the system by the fistulous openings are generally productive of
the most deleterious influence upon the general health ; yet in some cases
this condition has not exercised any unpleasant efiects on the rest of the
It is needless to say that remedial agents are of littie or no avail against
this affection. The different tojucal applications are indicated according
to the progress of the disease; at the same time, a good and invigorating
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diBty together vfifi^ pmre air «n^ azeiiciBe, an^i p^rbape, the most lue^ ad
The other ikffeotioQ of the t^stiSi whioh we must next ooiuddery b gener-
ally ranked among the tertiaxy forms of syphilis^ being an inflammation of
the tnnioa albnginia testis, a denae fibrona Ijaane.
Mr. Yelpean says this affection is chi^racterized by dufl, pains in one or
both of the Buy Arava testis^ with exacerbations towards night; and increaaed sensi-
bility on pressure. This patn^ though not of a lancinating pbaracter like
cancer, is yet yery irksome to the patients who suffer from its long eontin-
uation. They are, also, subject to fits of despondency, accompanied with
loss of appetite and i^tr^ngth; which brings on great prostration of the
whole system.
At first, the organ appears to have increased in sise, but often it seems
partially atrophied, at the same time that its density is increased, most
prd)ably by the effusion of lymph among the seminiferous tubes.
The covering of the testis preserve their natural color, but the gland
itself loses that smoothness and elasticity whioh is characteristic — it seems
hardened into a solid concrete mass. Cheap Arava The disease is slow in its progress,
requiring months for its eyolution, and it is generally confined to the glaild
itself, seldom invading the epididymis or the cord.
As a consequence of the inflammation spreading aipong the seminiferous
tub^, thereby producing their partial or total obliteration, there is a eon-
sequent loss of viril power, and the nature of the seminal fluid seems en-
tirely changed.
The syphilitic disease of the testis is quite amenable to appropriate med-
ical treatment ; the different preparations of mercury, and especially the
iodide of potash, exercising a most beneficial effect, and generally produo-
ip; a radical cure when taken in time.
Another affection which may be mistaken for the above, is the saroo-
cele, or cancerous affection of the testicle, as the word is now commonly
understood. This disease occurs most frequently between the ages of
twenty-five and fifty years, that is to say, at tJiat time of life when the
gland is in its greatest functional activity, and therefore subject to various
sources of irritation, which may act as the exciting cause in the develop-
ment and progress of the disease.
It has been observed that both testis are very rarely affected with sar.
cocele. The disei^ generally commences by the body of the testicle,
and afterwards extends to the epididymis and vas deferens. The testi
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Dr. PmiOM on Oe JQitecuet of the J^^is, 205
itidf 18 flomewliat eahiged and luffder dum natanl^ being snbjeoi at tunes
to slight pains ooonrring at different intervals. Yery soon aU the symp-
toms increase in Order Arava frequency and intensity. Then the patient suffers from
acute darting pains, propagated along the spermatic cord to the grdn and
loins. The tumor itself 1)ecomes painful to the touch and rapidly in-
creases in sisC; while it softens in some points, so as to present distinct
fluctuation. The skin of the scrotum is next involyed in the disease } it
becomes adherent to the tumor, and assumes a bluish aspect The cord is
next invaded, presenting a hard and knotty appearance, as far as the in-
guinal canal ; then the lymphatic glands become involved, extending the
disease into the abdominal cavity.
At this stage the complexion of the patient is generally sallow, and his
general health much impaired by suffering and loss of appetite. We can-
not better describe the third stage than by quotbg the words of Sir Astley
Cooper. '^ At a particular point of the scrotum a purple blush appears,
under which a fluctuation seems so distinct that the surgeon is often in-
duced to make a puncture, but merely blood is discharged. Although the
wound thus made heals, yet soon afterwards ulceration ensues, and a fungus
projects, bleeds and discharges a profuse quantity of thin serous fluid, which
has a peculiar fiidnt odor. In two or three weeks the ulcer spreads to the
breadth of the palm, sloughs frequently, is extremely offensive, occasionally
very painful, but not tender to the touch ; and if the testicle be compressed,
a brainJike substance issues from the fungus. At last, the patient sinks
from hemorrhage, serous discharge and continued Arava Online irritation." The dura-
tion and progress of this disease is exceedingly uncertain, being some-
times rajAdly fatal, and at other times persisting for several years without
much apparent detriment to the health of the patient. Boux and Velpeau
agree in stating that both testis are seldom, if ever, attacked by cancer, in
the same way the mammte of the female are rarely affected by cancer
either at the same time or consecutively. JUbia &ct has an important ap-
j^oation in diagnosis, and when botli glands are invaded you may safely
say the affection is not of a cancerous nature. For this disease, amputa-
tion is of course the only hope, and the earlier the operation is performed
the better is its chance of ultimate success. It is therefore highly impor-
tant to make an accurate diagnosis in cases of this kind, for the operation
would scai^y be justifiable in either of the other cases, at least under
ordinary circumstances.
Having thin briefly described these diseases, so different in their nature,
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207 New Orhom MMeal Newt and SctpUal OazeUe.
jet prasentiiig in a great measure the same oaiward appearanoey I shall

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