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Purchase Zestril Online

Related post: with judgment and reasonable persistency, has given the
most thoroughly satisfactory results, are uncomplicated
asthma and the chronic indigestions, for the various mani-
festations of which the names are legion. If any given
remedy, or line of treatment, will gradually but surely cor-
rect a morbid or vicious assimilative function, and arouse to
normal vigor a weak and disordered digestion, it follows
that there is, practically, no constitutional condition which
it will not favorably influence, since digestion and assimila-
tion are the foundation of all sound physiology, as indiges-
tion and malassimilation are at the bottom of most patho-
logical conditions, not excepting those fatal scourges of the
human race, diabetes, rheumatism, tuberculosis, and car-
And whether we accept or reject the bacillary theory of
the origin and propagation of phthisis, in ozone-oxygen and
its congeners — Zestril Price when we shall have learned to properly com-
bine and exhibit them — we have certainly its most direct
and rational antagonist, if not its physiological antidote ;
since, causes or concomitants, whichever they shall eventu-
ally prove to be, the lower organisms can not long survive
and reproduce their kind in fluids freely supplied with nas-
cent oxygen. Thus exposed, they rapidly degenerate, lose
their virulence, and become inert, or are absolutely de-
stroyed. And, since it has shown such universal activity as
a germicide, whether we accept or deny the germ theory of
any disease, we may find in ozone-oxygen, or oxygen at
high tension, one of our most reliable weapons of offense
and defense ; while happily its use is devoid of all danger-
ous tendencies, a fact which can not be asserted of any
other really potent antiseptic.
The Generic Zestril cut shows a convenient and easily portable form of
apparatus, recently perfected, for promptly evolving nascent
or fresh gas at the bedside.
152 East Eighty-sixth Street.
[N. T. Mvn. JonB.,
I5y |{. fauquiiau cuhtis, m. d.,
KvKKY littlo while there Jippears n Zestril Tablets now advocute for the
use of [)iiiii'ture of the Ixtwel as a. means of relievini^ tym-
panites in peritonitis, intestinal ohstrnetion, and kindred
eonditions. There ean be no question that the method has
been employed very often with good results and without
any signs ot" siibseipient fa'cal extravasation, but there ean
also be no doubt that there is very great danger of su(di an
aeeident and of fatal eonsecpienees therefrom. lOvidence
upon this point is not scanty.
In a ease in whieh enterostomy was performed for in-
testinal obstruction by Miiller ("' Arch. f. klin. Chir.," ,\xiv,
178), while the gut was being secured to the edges of the
wound in the abdominal wall, before it was incised, a fine
stream of Huid fa^'es was observed to issue from the intes-
tine every time the needle penetrated tlie wall of the gut,
although the needle and thread employed were very tine.
Ill this ease the tympanites is said to have reached an
unusually extreme degree, and one of the safeguards of
puncture with a hollow needle was of course wanting, for,
when the latter instrument is used, the tension of the gut is
at once relieved by the escape of gas and faeces, and the col-
lapse of the bowel facilitates the closure of the wound made
by the needle. But the case is an instructive ilhistration of
what minute wounds will permit fjecal extravasation.
Among the cases of laparotomy for the relief of intes-
tinal obstruction there are numerous instances in which
punctures have been made in the bowel with fine aspirating
needles during the operation, Zestril Cost iti order to lessen the amount
of distension and assist the return of the intestine to the
abdominal cavity. In some of these cases it has been ob-
served by the operator that the openings did not close, and
that gas and fajcal matter escaped from the openings after
withdrawal of the needle. Thus I have found cases in which
this phenomenon was observed by Hulke,f Howse, J Fincham
and Cowell,'* Halsted,|| Gerster,^ Atherton,^ Purchase Zestril Online and Obalinski.|
In the case of Fincham and Cowell the oozing of faeces was
arrested by the pressure of a sponge wet with a 1-to-

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