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Related post: exhibited a five-year-old boy who live months previously
had been wounded by the horn of a bull. The right
cheek and temple and the lower eyelid were lacerated,
and the inferior margin of the orbit was chipped. There
was also complete ptosis. At the time of examination,
the tendo oculi was found to have been torn away and the
lower lid was dragged downward and outward by the
action of the orbicularis and the contraction of the cica-
The surgeon who attended the patient at the time of
the Arcoxia 90mg accident reported that there was considerable orbital
cellulitis with abundant discharge of pus from between
the lids, but t here Arcoxia Tablets never was any exophthalmia. He
thoughl that the cellulitis was confined to the lower par;
of the orbit. Ai present the eyeball was retracted and
had the appearance of being very much smaller than its
fellow. The cornea was situated Arcoxia Mg live millimetres behind
the plane of thai of the other eye. There was scarcely
more ptosis than would result from the depression and
loss of support of the lid. When the patient looked
directly forward, the palpebral fissure was live or six
millimetres wide. He insisted that he saw well with the
eye. Though the movements of the eyeball were much
restricted, no diplopia could be detected. There was
complete inability to look upward beyond the horizontal
line either Order Arcoxia Online directly or to the right or left. Horizontal
movements were normal and the downward excursion
was inin li exaggerated.
Dr. Geobgj Ii;h his spoke of his case of traumatic
enophthalmia seen Arcoxia Cost nine years ago, in which there had
ilicicnt recovery to manifest but little difference
between the two eyes; there was nothing left except a
Sept. 19, 1896.;
slight doubling of objects when looked at below the hori-
zontal line. In his case there was no incarceration of the
extra-ocular muscles.
Uniocular Retinal Detachment with High Myopia. —
Dr. Francis M. Perkins presented a case.
Ciliary Staphyloma and Excavation of the Optic Disc
following Traumatic Cataract. — Dr. Charles A. Oliver
gave the clinical history of a case in a four-year-old boy.
The clinical picture of this case of complicated secondary
glaucoma was so complete, Purchase Arcoxia having been studied from
what might almost be termed its very incipiency to the
final result, and the varying symptoms evolved from
time to time were so at variance with what one would ex-
pect in such eases, that it offered itself as a most inter-
esting and a most instructive study of this type of disease.
Unlike similar cases of sudden obstruction to proper
lymph-stream circulation, there remained from the very
first, as shown by the fields of vision, and as afterward
proved ophthalmoscopically,an element that might possi-
bly complicate many more cases of the traumatic type of
this disease than was at present imagined, namely, retinal
detachment. Again, the condition of the vitreous and
the peculiarity of its opacities, taken in connection with
the history of the case, would Buy Arcoxia go far to show that there
had Order Arcoxia been a haemorrhage into that Arcoxia Price humor which most
probably might have been recognized ophthalmoscopical-
ly had the patient been seen a week earlier. These, with
a few though certain evidences of a low grade of irido-
cyclitis, made the case still more atypical.
On the other hand, the progressive diminution of the
field of vision, the gradual distention of the globe, the
localized tissue-bulgings in the upper Purchase Arcoxia Online ciliary regions, the
deep and characteristic cupping of the nerve-head, the
reapproximation of the remaining areas of retinal de-
tachment, and Arcoxia Online the late fixedly increased intraocular
tension, all showed the certainty Buy Arcoxia Online of degeneration even in
a young and yielding eyeball, when such tissues were sub-
jected to a persisting increased intraocular pressure.
As to an answer to the vexed question of treatment
in such cases, the author would leave this for another and
more extended communication, reserving the present
brief though detailed account of the clinical history Generic Arcoxia
as an interesting and useful exposition of a grouping of
symptoms which had been carefully studied and could be
thus employed to illustrate the results of two conflicting
contemporaneous conditions produced by traumatism —
localized inflammatory reaction and obstruction of
lymph-stream circulation.
A Further Note on an Unusual Form of Macular Lesion
following Iritis was presented by Dr. George E. de* Buy Cheap Arcoxia
Schweinitz. The patient, a fifty-year old woman, had

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