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Dr. Chismore expressed the view that the result of
grafts within the urethra must be very uncertain.
Movable Kidney : its Frequency ; its Causal Rela-
tion to Certain Definite Symptoms ; the Measure of Re-
lief afforded by Nephrorrhaphy ; a New Method of Ap-
plying Sutures in the Operation. — Dr. Francis S. Wat-
son - , of Boston, thought that the importance of this sub-
ject was not sufficiently recognized in this country, in
spite of a large mass of rebable data which was at the
disposal of the profession. Cheap Galantamine Movable kidney was regarded
by many intelligent surgeons Order Galantamine as a fad; by others as
merely one manifestation of hysteria. Eminent pa-
thologists continued to assert its great rarity, and men-
tion of successful nephrorrhaphies was met with a shrug
of the shoulder. The reasons for these doubts were
probably as follows: The pathologist rarely found a
movable kidney, because, in the first place, he rarely
looked for it, and, in the second place, Purchase Galantamine Online as Newman and
Kendal Franks had pointed out, with the body in the
dorsal decubitus the kidney naturally returned to its
normal position and afterward was retained there by
the solidification of the perinephritie fat after death.
As regarded the frequency of this condition, the
speaker said, the following figures would prove of in-
terest: Glenard, in 1893, reported that he had seen per-
sonally, between 1885 and 1893, 537 cases of movable
lddney. Lindner, in 1888, asserted that one woman in
every five was the subject of movable kidney. Ede-
bohls, in 1893, said that he had found 90 cases in a series
of 500 women who had been examined.
There were Generic Galantamine three symptoms as to the dependence of
which upon movable kidney all authorities agreed.
These were, in their order of frequency, pain in the loin
or abdomen, disturbances of digestion of the character
of atonic dyspepsia, and neurasthenic or hysterical symp-
toms. There was one other which was not often men-
tioned, but which, when present, was the most charac-
teristic of all, namely, the sickening pain, accompanied
by a sense of nausea and faintness, which occurred when
the kidney was grasped between the hands or the fingers
and thumb. It was just as characteristic, so far as one
might judge from the description of patients, as the
peculiar sensation was which men felt when the testicle
was squeezed.
An important point in connection with this condition
was the occurrence, in a considerable number of cases,
of nephrydrosis, which, having been intermittent at first,
sometimes became permanent, and the original gravity
of it was occasionally added to by infection from the
lower part of the urinary tract, which converted it into
a nephropyosis, with destruction of the organ.
Dr. Watson briefly described his own method of sutur-
ing the kidney in the loin, which was as follows: After
exposing the kidney by the usual lumbar incision, the
fatty capsule which covered the posterior surface of the
organ was excised and its cut edges were stitched a little
distance from the margins of the wound. Two stout
chromacized catgut sutures were then passed through
two thirds of the entire length of the kidney, parallel to Galantamine Online
each other, and through the parench}'ma of the organ,
at a distance of half an inch from each other. They
entered the kidney a little above its lower end and
emerged a little below its upper end. Each end of the
V V. Mil. Joufc,
suture was then Purchase Galantamine passed through the edge of the muscular
Layer of the wound. Two other sutures were then passed
in Buy Galantamine Online a horizontal direction through the substance of the
kidney, one above and the other below the poini
trance and of issue of the 1\vo first sutures, and their
end- were ; i Is., passed through the muscular borders of
the lumbar wound. The fibrous capsule was now split
throughout nearly the Order Galantamine Online entire extent of the postei
face of the organ and reflected to a very sligln
toward either side, thus denuding the posterior border
of the kidney to the breadth of the little finger. Instead
of being tied in the ordinary way, that is to say.
of one end being tied to the opposite end of Buy Galantamine the same
suture, the end of one long suture was tied to the end
of the other above, and the same was done below at the
points where they passed parallel to each other through
the muscular layer. The same was done with the cross
sutures. In this way the danger of the stitches' tear-
ing out was avoided. The kidney was drawn firmly into
its place and maintained Buy Cheap Galantamine there by the sutures, thus being
suspended as in a hammock.
Dr. Chismore said that Dr. Watson's paper had made
such an impression on him that he should pay more
attention to the subject of movable kidney in the future.
He had noticed that certain of his colleagues found this
condition with remarkable frequency. He had one un-

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