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The contents of this story
is purely fictional. The russian wet pussy content matter of this story concerns love between
males teenagers. It is a story of russian female gymnasts
friendship, love, some violence and
profanity. russian lollita If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you
to read this material because of age or tiny russian free pics
laws go somewhere else. This story
is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere
without the owners permission.
Author's note:
I wrote this
story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It
takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is
more an adventure/thriller rather than a russian ass face sitting sex story.
I welcome
your comments.
I would like to underground russian schoolgirl thank Jason
for his hardcore russian girls fucking excellent editing!
Sam Lakes
I really love
Colt. It had been almost six months since I saw him last. He is so hot!
Weve known each other since I was six and weve always girls alone russian
good friends, not like him and Arb. Seeing him tonight was great and when
we did our kiss-kiss I was hoping hed give me a kiss on the lips.
Okay so, I have a crush on him and he knows it.
I was going
to show him my artwork and get him to pose for me before I was interrupted
by Arbor. I dont think Ive ever seen Colt so upset in my
life. I could see him hurting and russian pornography free
there was nothing I could do to help
him. I ran into the house when I saw him running out the side door. I
ran after him only to see him riding off on his bike.
Uncle Keith
was fuming as he came into the house. Aunt Ruthie followed him.
he go Melanie? he asked.
I dont
know he ran out and got russian shemale on his bike and rode off, Uncle Keith,
I answered and then added, I need to find him he was so upset.
leave him for a while then Ill go get him.
he was crying Uncle Keith.
I russian angel handjob know thats why he left. He hates crying in front of anybody,
especially strangers.
not a stranger, Uncle Keith and if you wont tell me where he is
I guess I go search by myself.
Aunt Ruthie
smiled, and said, You always did have a crush on him.
I blushed.
maybe he needs you right now. Come on lets go find russian schoolgirl nude video
my boy,
she said, Keith, keep the guests entertained. Ill be back
Aunt Ruthie
let me out at Computer Science Building russian spanking girls II and told me Colt would be on
the roof and told me to come down to her office when we were ready to
As I walked
out on to the roof I saw Colt over by the railing. I hadnt taken
one step before he said, Please leave. I dont want to talk.
I wont leave. If you dont want to talk thats fine,
but Im not going to leave.
Melanie. Just leave me alone.
No. If you want to cry you can cry  it doesnt bother
me to see nude russian nudist legal a boy cry&I love you, Colt.
you are wasting your time loving me. Because I can never russian gay sex sites return that love
the way youd expect russian lolta me to.
I wish I hadnt
said, Why are you gay? but I did and I didnt russian nudism girl
the answer I got back from Colt.
I am. Now leave cuz there is russian lesbi nothing you can gain. I can only hurt you.
I was shocked
by what Colt had said, but then I had always suspected it and I also know
knew who he loved. Suddenly, it was so obvious, why else would a person
with a Masters Degree in CompSci ever decide to go back russian xxx forum russian porm
to high
school. I half left and then I realized that it didnt matter to
me. He was still the Colt I had grown up with and wed always been
I stepped back
onto the roof.
Smith, what kind of friend would I be if I left? What kind of friend would
I be if I just wanted russian free movies sites to gain some thing? Well, Im not that kind
of friend. I am not a fair weather friend!
He turned to
face me and just started laughing, Yes I am a prick!
I am a bitch! I laughed. We kept laughing until we in each others
arms and then his laughter russian porno stars turned to tears. I held him tight and stroked
his hair. God he has gorgeous hair.
Slowly he calmed
down and began to talk, Im sorry for crying like a baby.
It s just that I get so upset with myself. russians nudes I hate getting angry!
Mom! Im fine were talking!
I turned russian nude yr to
see Aunt Ruthie standing by the door. I can see that, sweetie,
look I have to go back to the house you guys come home when youre
ready, okay?
tell Alan Im sorry. Please tell russian top xxx him I dont really hate him,
Colt pleaded. I knew he was russian pic free
on the verge of tears. Aunt Ruthie came over
to us and kissed him on russian incest site the nud art russian girls cheek.
tell him and dont worry he doesnt hate you&I know
Alan very well and I dont think he could ever hate you&
she smiled, adore cartoons russian lollita
you  for sure, worship you  most
definitely, hate you  an impossibility. She kissed him on
the cheek again and then left.
do you hate what I am&I mean hate me because Im gay?
I smiled at
him. Adore you  for sure, worship you  most definitely,
hate you russian escorts anal  an impossibility. We hugged.
I am
a little disappointed that Ill never russian nude family pics be Mrs. Colt Smith,
I giggled.
I just think its russian nude lingerie funny&you being gay¬ funny ha-ha
but funny weird. My best friend at school who I had a monstrous crush
on turned out to be gay and you know what I still adore him; hes
such a neat guy and oh so good looking. I think we russian schoolgirls porno
are better friends
now than ever before.
Colt looked
coyly at me. Does he uh& Colt blushed. Does
he have a boyfriend?
hes far too shy, index of avi russian sort of like you. I think he has a couple of crushes,
but they dont know. Im the only one who knows hes
gay. I thought for a second. Are you interested?
I smiled.
He blushed
again and a quiet but cute russian gymnastics porn voice said, Sort of&cuz I dont
know anybody else who is gay&never mind though cuz he probably wouldnt
like me.
do you say that?
Im the russian porn video ru ultimate geek, I find it hard to relate with people my age...
Smith! What a bunch of bullshit! Excuse my French! You relate with me
and Arbor and besides hes a geek too, not russian home photo xxx an ultimate geek but
a geek just the same.
Colt smile,
Does he have an e-mail address?
I rolled my
eyes at him, Oh duh! What geek doesnt have an e-mail address!
We laughed.
what is it?
no! No, Im not going to give it to you. Youll just have
to ask russian hardcore c p it from him yourself! tgp russian nude I laughed, You have to meet
him in person.
In person! But what if he hates me?
happens if he loves you?
if I dont like him?
wont, just like I know he wont.
whats his name?
you got a picture loltas russian sexe of him?
Of course!
But Im not going to show you it. He-he.
Colt whined.
I want to see russian girls fucking your face when you russian husyfan first meet him, believe me hes
almost as gorgeous as you and besides russian underground adult sites if I show you now you lesbians russian might take
your time coming to see me.
necessarily, it might make me want to come sooner! he wiggles his
You could ride home with us tomorrow.
not until after I uncensored russians nuderussian sex jpg see Alan.
Do you
have a crush on him?
of&I just like him&like an older brother. I didnt like
his fiancé. She wasnt good enough for him, too bitchy, too
demanding. Im glad she dropped him&I think he blames me for
their breaking up&I told her she wasnt good enough for him
and she got pissed with me and told me to keep out of his business. russian girl trailers We
got into a nasty argument and she said some pretty nasty things about
me. I guess I did the same about russian nudist photo her.
told me that she gave Alan an ultimatum to have nothing more to do with
me and never see me again or that was it, shed leave.
He must
really love you.
He hates people giving him ultimatums.
old is Chase? What does he look like?
fifteen. Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes,
a bit taller than you and about the same build  you could easily
where the same clothes.
We russian nakednews ended up
talking for three hours. I still think he is the coolest guy in the world
and I was russian hardcore sex right he russian carpet munchersrussian bd sisters is madly in love with Arbor, but says Arbor is totally
straight so not to mention anything to him or anybody else  the
only other person that knows about him russian perverted porn is a cop in Vegas called James.
Of course he told me about loosing his bike, the true story not the one
he told his parents.
Just before
we left to go home he got a kind of panic attack about some thing really
bad was going to happen and was nearly in tears again. I was really worried.
so cute. Hes going to xxx gallery russian go home with me tomorrow. I cant wait
to see his face when hardcore volient russian sex he meets Chase.
I really love
Melanie, nude russian galleries especially after tonight. She is a true friend. I russian foreskin prick
opened up to
her about everything, even more russian girs naked than I did with James. I realized that
I sort of had a crush on Alan and I felt really bad about the things I
said. She is knife russian so cool. I think if it werent for Arbor I could fall
for her.
I got another
panic attack just before we went home but then it faded away. It must
just be stress.
By the time
we got home most of the guests had gone home there were only relatives
left and Alan who was talking quietly with Ruthie. She beckoned me over.
Melanie went to see her folks.
Melanie has invited me over for the weekend. Can I go, please?
as long as it is okay with Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty, but first I think
you two need to talk, she said, Ill go talk with
Ted and Betty.
eyes were red and puffy from crying and I guess mine were too.
we go somewhere private? he asked softly.
I nodded and
led the way to my bedroom. We entered and I locked the door.
so sorry, Colt, Alan burst into tears. I didnt know what
to do. I felt like I should do something so I led him over to the bed
and we sat down. I put my arm around russian girl rape
him as he shook from crying.
please dont cry. I love you&I was just angry and I said things
I didnt mean. Please dont cry or you get me started too,
I said then I lift his head up so that he was looking at me. We just looked
at each other for a few moments then he leaned in and kissed me on the
I was startled
and almost immediately pulled away from him. First he looked scared and
then he started to say something. And I reached over russian porn actors and put my fingers
on his lips.
me speak first. I was startled by the kiss, but it was kind of nice,
I smiled, I love you Alan russian pussy foto but more like an older brother, I guess
you are gay or bi right?
one or the other. I didnt realize it until Audrey made me chose
between you or her busty russian brides and I realized I could never give up your friendship.
There have been so many times when I just want vebcam porno russian
to hold you russian female porn l and some times
kiss you. I really love you Colt and I understand you wanting to keep
it like an older brother relationship.
I had
a crush on you once. Im gay. God russian incest galleries
now three people know: you, Melanie
and James, the cop in Vegas.
Arb know?
I love Arb more than anything or anyone it the world, but I also know
that he is straight and so I dont want him to know. You must promise
me youll never tell him. Promise me.
I promise,
but I think you should tell him. Hes your best friend and hes
gonna feel betrayed that his best friend didnt feel he could trust
him&you never know he may feel the same way about you.
I just
dont want to risk what I have which is a great friendship. I dont
want to risk losing him. I dont think I could live if he hated
me for any reason.
is there anybody in your life you know a boyfriend?
I blushed,
No not yet&
are you blushing? he laughingly asked.
I sighed, Well,
Melanie has a friend and she says hes real cute and she wants us
to meet&this is embarrassing.
youve got to keep me informed. Let me know if hes a doll
like you and what hes like.
We talked a
little more then someone knocked at the porno xxx russians door. I got up and unlocked the
door to find Melanie.
She came in.
staying the night, Mom and Dad have the guest room and I russian horse sex get the couch.
So I thought I free russian incest
could call my best friend on your phone. Oh sorry, I didnt
know you had a guest.
hes okay. Alan this russian schoolgirls naked is Melanie  Melanie. Alan.
So I take it you two are friends again?
Alan and I said in unison.
I need to get going. Its way past my bed time, said Alan
as he stood up and crossed the room to where Melanie and I were.
dont have to go, I said sort of wishing he would say.
I do, he smiled, You tiny russian tits have a fun time tomorrow.
I free russian sex chat grabbed his
arm and pulled him close and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then russian dill cucumbers
a hug.
Thanks for being my friend. He returned the kiss and then
Is he?
Is he
my friend? Yes. Does he love me? Yes. Do I love him? Yes, but like an
older brother. Did I tell him about being gay? Yes. Is he okay with it?
Yes. Anything else and youll have to ask him.
give me your phone so I can make a call to Chase, she ordered.
I tossed free russian nude images
the phone and jumped on my bed and she then sat next to me. I had no idea
what she was going to say to her friend. I was nervous as hell and started
tossing my teddy bear up in the air.
Chase, its me. What do you mean who? she giggled, The
one you idolize! russian fuck underground Oh! You bitch! Ha-ha. Look Im staying at my cousins
tonight and tomorrow Ill be back home a-n-d my cousin, who is an
absolute dreamboy, is coming over for the day and I thought you could
meet us at the mall and then maybe we could go to the movie or something.
Of course! I said he was a dreamboy&hes fourteen and a super
geek like you&ha-ha! Yes you are! Ha-ha. You big boob russian women want to say Hi? Oh
come on he wont bit as long as you dont ha-ha.
I was shaking
my head No letting know I didnt want to have to talk
to a stranger. Then she russian nationalist music handed the phone to me. Shyly I took the phone
and naked russian lollitas said, Hello?
Your cousin is crazy! he said in a soft voice, which sounded really
dreamy and beautiful, and of course she forgot to tell me your
Colt, Colt Smith. Its nice to meet you. Uh&so&heres
your cousin, I gave the phone back to Melanie, but she wouldnt
take it so I threw it on russian nude sample video the bed and stormed out of the room.
I walked into
the kitchen where I found Arbor and Alan talking and laughing about something.
I ignored them and went to the refrigerator and got me a soda and went
out the back door and sat in the swing on the russian free porn
back porch.
I hate being
made a kids sex russian
kid russian girls sexs fool of nude russian kiddies
and Chase probably think Im a real non-plus! There
is no way I am going to go meet him in a russian fuck pictures
mall. Id probably act
even more stupid. Its better to just not go than to make a complete
fool of myself. Besides I need to get stuff ready for Keith.
I got up and
went to see Keith who I russian getting fucked found in the living room with Ruthie.
Hey, when do russian porn magazine you have your business meeting?
So do you have a solution for the lack of a working computer? I
have a pair of tap shoes.
Keith laughed
and said, I have my own russian public nudity pair.
would russian nakes girls you need all the engineering drawings and documentation for some
new chips and I need your authorization and whoever else.
I would
need it by Tuesday because I have to get the grants committee to approve
the funds and I assume that these are special.
In that
case Tuesday a.m.
in that case Ill see you Tuesday a.m. I yawned and said
good night as I russian girls fuck
left the living room and returned to my room where I found
Melanie still talking on the phone.
She stuck her
tongue out at me. I ignored her as she continued to prattle away with
her friend, probably making fun of my great conversation. russian sex outside
I grabbed my
you around, I said as I left the room.
I was on my
bike and ready to leave when she caught up to me.
Where are you going?
To the
U, I have work I have to get done by Tuesday, so I wont be going
with you free russian family nude
to the mall.
Because I made you talk on the phone.
I told
you I didnt want russian sex lola to talk! And now&he thinks Im a retard!
No he
doesnt. Why do you think I stayed on the line for so non nude russian
long? Cuz
he thought you sounded so cute and sweet litle russian girl
and he was asking me all about
you. He really wants to meet you!
come to the U tomorrow Ill be in the Engineering Lab. Ill
take a short break. I want to meet him but I have to get this work done
before Tuesday a.m. I know you think Im pissed  big russian boobs
I was but
Im not now  something happened. I cant explain&Please
promise me youll come russian thaiwan girls pic and see me tomorrow.
I didnt
give her a chance to respond I free russian wife left on russian cartoon inces my bike. How could I explain what
happened? I didnt really know myself. If I told her russian schoolgirl sex I had another
panic attack shed tell Ruthie or Keith and then who knows what
would happen. This had nothing to do with meeting Chase. Its like
half a premonition. I just knew something terrible was going to happen
and I had to get this work done not to prevent an event but to ensure
my own research could continue.
To be Continued
That's it for now russian amature porn
- Do you still like the story? I need some
feedback sorridente Sam

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