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From: Greg
Subject: More is Better ch 3More is BetterBy: Photo Guy (
Story Consultant and Proofreader: Steve
Editor and Proofreader: JereThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from the author.This is a fictional story ... any similarities to actual people, places,
events or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay
sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the
reading enjoyment of people who aren't offended pedophil porn
by material of this type!
If you are underage, or this type of material is illegal where you live,
please leave now.***Thanks for your emails after chapter two. I always (and I stress always!)
like hearing from everyone who writes. It is very special to me to hear
from longtime readers and first-time e-mailers alike.***Special thanks to Carroll for a suggestion on the story he made to the
group. If I can find a way to small girl pedo
incorporate it, I sure will!***Chapter Three(Chris continues...)Since we had no idea when, or if, Roy might be joining us, after we got to
the locker room, Tyler and I changed our minds about taking a shower.
Instead, we decided to take a quick dip in pedo young girl
the pool. As it turned out,
when we left the pool building a few minutes later, Roy and Maria were
still in 3d hardcore pedo toons the hot tub. It seemed that guys our age weren't the russiam sex pedofilia only ones
who appreciated the special qualities the whirlpool had to offer!Anyway, after telling them goodnight, we ambled across the driveway. In
the chilly air, we paused for a moment, again taking in kinder pedoworld
the sky full of
stars. I was pointing out the Big Dipper, when Tyler wrapped his strong
arms around my shoulder and under my outstretched arm, hugging me tightly.
The warmth of his pedofilia dirty gallery body felt so good against mine. Suddenly, the heavens
were the furthest thing from my mind, as I returned the squeeze."Fuck, I love you so much, Chris!" he declared. "I don't know how I ever
lived without you." He pressed his lips tightly against mine.Tyler is such a special guy! Of course, I love him with all pedo tenn my heart, too.
And that night, there was a large dose of teenage lust thrown-in for good
measure.In the shadows of the house, we kissed, long and passionately. The
sensation of his full lips against mine gave me a sudden, throbbing hardon
... the kind that wouldn't quit. And I felt Tyler's stiff dick through his
shorts as we ground our crotches together. Suddenly, both of us had one
thing ... and one thing only ... on our minds.Looking back on that night, I remember Josh, Tim, Ben, Tina, and Eric were
in the kitchen, talking, as we rushed through the door from the outside.
Everyone glanced in our direction and we said a quick goodnight."Going to bed so early?" Tim asked pedophilia rompl with a big smile."Um ... yeah," I replied, wrapping my arm around Tyler's waist. "We had a
hard day.""So I see," Tim said. His eyes drifted toward our groins for a moment, and
he winked knowingly. "Sleep well, boys."The adults were laughing among themselves, and Eric looked sort of
bewildered, as we crossed the room, heading toward the stairway. Quickly,
we raced up the stairs and down the hall pedophilie sites ilegal
to our room. And leaving the
bedroom door open in our haste, I flipped on the light switch.Both of us were SO hot for each other at the moment! Not waiting a second,
we tore off our shirts ... dropping them carelessly on the floor, while we
kicked off our flip-flops. With horny, teenage urgency, Tyler squeezed my
naked chest against his, as we hugged again. pedofilia anal fotos
Hot flesh against hot flesh,
we ground our bodies together. I wanted so much of Tyler; it was like I
was trying to squeeze him into myself.Tyler fell onto the mattress, roughly pulling me with him. We rolled
around for quite a pedophilia xxx while ... half on and half off the bed ... each
asserting his manhood over the other. little virgin porn pedo
And at one point, when I was on top,
I stepped around Tyler's hips. Planting my feet firmly pedo kid sex on the floor right
next to the bed, I ground my pelvis against his. Even with the shorts we
were wearing, fuck, it was so hot! We kissed ... chid porno illegal pedofilia again and again ... and
then we kissed some more.While Tyler lay passive beneath me, I stretched his arms above his head and
pressed them against the mattress. Our eyes met ... and there was a
question in Tyler's. I just smiled, as I began to gently stroke my fingers
over his sun-bronzed upper arms, feeling the definition of his rock-hard
muscles under his baby soft skin. And when I had him completely relaxed,
enjoying the light massage, I surprised my boyfriend by tickling his hairy
pits. Tyler jumped; and seconds later, I had him squirming big-time, as I
buried my nose and mouth in his left armpit. Playfully, I kissed, licked,
and nipped at the flesh beneath the soft, dark hair."Fuck, yeah, Chris," Tyler moaned velocity pedo erotica deeply.Lifting off, I smiled knowingly at Tyler. He grinned back, before locking
his fingers behind my head and drawing my mouth to his. Our lips met, and
then our pedo fuck mpeg
tongues. And after a moment, I lavished wet kisses across Tyler's
cheeks, chin, and over his prominent Adam's apple, all the way to his
chest. As my fingers groped Tyler's stomach and side, I knelt to his left.His pulsating, erect penis formed a tent in the left leg of his cargos. I
leaned over it, kissing the head, while my fingers fumbled with Tyler's
fly. In one well-practiced move, I yanked off his shorts and boxers. And
as Tyler's manhood popped into position against his muscular, tanned
stomach, a large dollop of pre-cum flew from the slit, landing on the
mattress to his left. Smiling, I eyed his penis lustfully, skinned back
the head, and licked my lips."Mmmm, this is gonna taste good!" I exclaimed, before closing my lips
around the throbbing pole. I only sucked him for a moment before I added,
"Tyler, I need this big boy inside me ... right now!""You bet," Tyler laughed, as I stood up and shucked my remaining clothes.
"I've been wanting to feel your ass illegal sex pedo site gripping me all day."I laughed, because I'd wanted pedo illegal video zoo
to feel Tyler inside me again, almost since
right after our late morning lovemaking. We had the serious hots for each
other when we were in high school. In fact, we still do; our relationship
has only kds pedo thumbs grown better over the years. He's still the sexiest guy I've ever
met, hands down.I lay on my back, with my head barely hanging over the edge pedo blowjob stories of the
mattress, and bent my knees. Immediately, Tyler lifted my legs into the
air, then pressed them against the bed outside of my shoulders. With my
ass pointing toward the ceiling, and my cheeks spread wide, Tyler lowered
his mouth to my eagerly waiting hole. Urgently, he began to rim me.I was in heaven!Wet with spit, my older brother's tongue pressed against my sphincter,
demanding entrance. Of course, I gladly opened up and let my lover in.
Lifting my head as much as I could, I moaned my delight. Softly at first
... but as Tyler thrust harder with his tongue, and his eyes locked with
mine, I began to raise my lola unterage pedo
voice. Finally, Tyler seemed to be satisfied
with his handiwork. He had a broad smile on his face, as he pulled away."Chris, I need you to stay like that," Tyler advised, releasing my ankles.
I locked my legs in position with my arms, as he spit into his hand a
couple of times. Immediately, he coated his six and a half thick inches
with the juice, before wiping his hand pedoland boy against his upper thigh.With a smile, I nodded my head. young pedo porn pics I could hardly wait for what I knew must
be coming next!Intently, I watched his every move, as Tyler stood facing me. With a
determined look on his face, my brother sort of squatted, while pointing
his cock head down. He pressed it against my back door, and in one smooth
move ... well, as smooth as it could be without using any real lube ... he
was inside me all the way."Fuckin', shit!" I exclaimed, at the pain of his rough, powerful intrusion
... even though I was expecting it.While holding his dick inside me, Tyler bent forward. And as we frenched,
my ass grew accustomed to ... and even began to welcome ... the rock-hard,
but pulsing invader. I tangled my fingers in his thick, brown hair,
holding his face to mine, as I felt him pull out some and thrust back in:
once, twice, three times, and finally more than I could keep track of. At
one point, Tyler broke our kiss. And squatting, with his legs wide around
my pedo pics preview body, lust overtook him completely. He pounded my pedo girls nude photo ass like there was no
tomorrow.I grabbed hold of Tyler's hairy lower legs. His calf muscles were
straining to hold himself in position, and I groped schoolgirls pedo their definition, while
moaning incoherently. I have no idea how long Tyler lasted that night
... it could have been five minutes or thirty. Without a doubt, however, I
thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!"Oh, fuck, Chris ... I'm gonna cum!" Tyler cried out, when he couldn't hold
off any longer. He pulled all the way out of my hole, before ramming his
dick into me again. pedo fuck asian
And as he thrust his penis deep inside me, I felt it
swell with my lover's potent seed. "Shit, yeah!" pedoland thumbs
He leaned forward pedo thumbs india with
all his sweaty weight, pressing my body into the bed, as his powerful
orgasm overtook him. Tyler's body began to shake all over and his eyes
rolled back in his head. It must have been WAY intense!Finally, he seemed to regain illegal pedo pics kids his senses. "Thanks, bro ... that was SO-O
good!" he declared, falling forward and pushing my hard dick within
millimeters of my open mouth. He noticed, of course. "Yeah, take it,
Chris; swallow your own dick," Tyler implored, pressing harder. "Gag on
it, man."I wanted nothing more than to suck my swollen pole. Straining my head
forward, I closed my lips around the throbbing, bright-red glans. Then
Tyler clasped his hands behind my neck, holding me in position, as he
drilled his dick into me, more deeply than I thought possible. Fisting my
shaft, I began to lick the slit, forcing the tip of my tongue into it,
while I stroked my cock pedo cp jpg with abandon; and when Tyler roughly nuzzled my
hair, I lost it, big time!As my orgasm ran its course ... causing me to shiver, in spite of the heat
of the moment ... our lips met in a brief kiss. At about the same time,
Tyler chuckled, while gently lowering my head to the bed. "Hey, Chris
... it looks like we've got company."I glanced toward the doorway, where Eric stood ... shorts pooled around his
ankles, and stiff cock in his hand. extreme pedo photos
Shyly, he looked toward the floor,
seemingly embarrassed at having been caught watching us."Come on in," I invited, while Tyler and I carefully uncoupled. As Eric
tentatively shuffled toward the bed, I asked, "Did you cum already?""Uh huh," Eric answered. pedo pothos Sheepishly, he glanced toward the carpet in the
doorway. "Sorry, but I squirted on the floor ... twice.""Don't worry about it," Tyler laughed. And as I agreed, Eric's face broke
into one of his rape pedo forum patented smiles."Fuck," Eric commented, "I've never seen ANYthing like what you two were
doing. I mean ... that was SO hot, guys."I told Eric I was glad he enjoyed it ... even though I didn't know we were
putting on a show for anyone. Eric wondered if I could teach him how to
suck his own cock. Of course, I said I would try ... but I told him most
guys I knew weren't flexible enough to do it. Since I discovered my
special gift, up in the mountains this past summer, I had practiced getting
better at it almost every day. And while sitting on the bed, I spread my
legs. Then, I drew my right foot part way toward my ass, lifting my knee."Watch this," Tyler began, as I reached beneath my thigh, took hold of my
still-hard dick, and arched my back forward. I tongued the head lovingly,
before planting a big dirty little pedo kiss on the slit. "I sure wish I could lick my cock
like that!" Tyler continued, shaking his head."See if you can do it," I said to Eric, while smiling broadly at the
younger boy.He kicked off his shorts and boxer briefs, before hopping onto the bed with
us. pedo sex movi Right away, Eric assumed the position I was in and lowered his head.
As you probably guessed, he didn't even come close to sucking himself
... but pedo sex galleries not for lack of trying. Damn, he wanted to suck himself so bad!
Finally, he sighed dejectedly. But when I crawled over next to him and
tousled his thick brown hair, he gave out with another great smile. "At
least, I was pretty close," Eric stated. "Wasn't I, Chris?"Actually, his mouth was a good six inches away from his long, slender tool."Yeah, you never know what you can do, until you try," I encouraged,
smiling at the pale, slim, thirteen year old. I gave Eric a couple pedo nude forum of
pointers, and told him to keep practicing. Hey ... I'm living proof that
ANYTHING is possible!The porno com pedofilia three of us talked for a while about sexy stuff, our family, and life
on the J bar A, before the conversation turned to more boring topics,
finally ending with school. Fortunately, all of us had finished our
homework Friday afternoon. However, with all that had happened to Eric,
both today and over the weekend, last Friday seemed like the distant past
to dark kds pedo
him.While yawning, Tyler glanced toward the alarm 3d pedo
clock. And laughing sadly,
he slipped off of the bed and commented, "Well, guys, I hate to be the one
to break all this up. But tomorrow IS a school day ... so I guess we'd
better get our showers." He glanced at the eighth-grader. "You wanna join
us, Eric?""Do you mean it?" Eric asked, incredulously."Sure!" Tyler grinned toward the younger boy. Sheathed, flaccid cock
swinging from side-to-side, he headed toward the phtc pedo bathroom with Eric in tow.
"I think the tub is big enough for three."After swiping Eric's underwear over the carpet, kdz cp pedo porn where it looked like he had
cum, I joined them in the shower. And after we'd washed ourselves and each
other, making Eric shoot again in the process ... Tyler invited our new,
young friend to sleep with us ... if he wanted to, that is."You bet I do!" Eric immediately pedo boy movies accepted the offer; obviously happy for
the invitation from an older guy ... someone he had really started to look
up to.As Tyler and Eric climbed into bed, I closed the bedroom door, turned out
the lights, and closed the windows most pedo illegal movie of the way. Eric wanted to lay
between Tyler and me. I think he needed to feel our closeness and
friendship right about then, so I crawled in beside him, pulling the sheet
over the three of us. None of us felt like going right to sleep, even if
we DID have to get up early for school in the morning."Um ... Tyler," Eric began in a tentative, hushed voice, "would you like to
have me for a brother?""Sure I would!" Tyler answered, as russian kids pedo
we heard a bedroom door close from
somewhere naughty pedo kids down the hall. Then he laughed. "When I was growing up, I
always wished I had a brother."As a smile crossed my lips, I added, "And now you've got more than just
one." I rolled onto my side and looked across Eric's shadowy face to
Tyler's. He was lying on his back staring toward the ceiling."Yeah, Chris ... but there's always room for one more." Tyler turned
toward Eric and smiled."I ... I think your mom and dad want to be my foster parents," Eric
continued."Hey, that's really cool!" I declared, wishing for more light in the room,
so I could see into Eric's eyes. "Then you could spend as much time over
here as you wanted!""I know," Eric said, stifling a pedo child nu yawn. "That'd be awesome! But I'm afraid
to even pedo japan graris
THINK something like that might happen. I mean ... you don't know
my dad like I do. He's a fighter ... and he usually gets what pedo lsm
he wants.""It sounds to me like your dad ... and your mom, too ... are in BIG
trouble," Tyler said."Yeah," Eric agreed, thoughtfully. He paused for a moment, and no one said
anything. "But I still love them ... I guess." Then, with fear in his
voice, he added, "I don't wanna see them go to jail, or anything, because
of me.""Hey, Eric," Tyler replied, like the wise, older brother he was, "nothing's
going to happen to them, that they didn't bring on themselves.""I know, but just the same," Eric added.Except for what we'd seen in the movies, or on comic pedo
TV, none of pedo 15yo us knew anything
about courts and that kind of stuff; but I spoke up anyway. "Josh will
find a way to make everything right," I stated, with all the authority of
my fifteen-and-a-half years."I sure hope so," Eric murmured, in a suddenly very sleepy child porn pedo galleriespedo xxx gratis voice.
Everybody was silent for quite a while. "Fuck, that'd be great, if he
could..." His voice trailed away to nothing.The room was quiet, except for Eric's and Tyler's gentle breathing, and
within moments, I joined them in the sweet bliss of sleep.(Ryan picks up the story.)Sometime harcore pedo galery on Monday, a social worker must have collected all of Eric's
clothes and personal stuff from his parent's house, and delivered it to the
ranch. Three large cartons were stacked in his bedroom by the time we got
home that afternoon. When all of cp kds pedo love us got dressed for school, it was awesome
that our friend could wear his own clothes. But Eric wouldn't be going in
until later that day. He had to meet with Josh's lawyer in a couple of
hours, and then give a deposition in front of the family court judge.As I walked into the kitchen, Tina was filling a cup with coffee, and my
dads and older brothers were talking loudly among themselves. When I
slipped my legs around the closest stool, Tyler smiled and said, "'Morning,
bro!""Hey, guys," I sex pedo child video
acknowledged, pouring myself a glass of milk and taking a
drink. I gulped down half a glass, and was refilling it, as Kaiden and
Eric took their seats. I filled a bowl with Cheerios, handed the box to
Kaiden, and soon all of us were busy eating.Well ... almost all of us, that is. Eric seemed really jumpy during
breakfast. He played with his cereal for a while before speaking up, "My
stomach's all tied in knots today; and I'm not hungry."Tim, who hot pics pedophilia was sitting on the stool to the right of Eric, smiled. "Son, I
don't much like lawyers and courtrooms, either." In that loving, fatherly
way of his, he tousled Eric's hair. It hadn't been pedo pictures boys combed yet, anyway; but
by the time Tim was through, pedo kiddy child
it was REALLY messed up! "But in times like
these, we've got to have them.""I guess..." Eric tried to smile."Just remember, Eric," Tina added, from across the counter, "everyone you
meet with this morning is on your side. And you won't see your folks at
all.""Yeah," I agreed, having gone through some of the same stuff a few months
earlier. "It's not bad, Eric; really it's not.""That makes me feel a little better, I guess," Eric replied. And he did
manage to eat a few bites of cereal, before my brothers and I headed
upstairs to brush our teeth.Moments later, we had collected our book packs and raced down the stairs to
the kitchen. Eric was youngest pedo girls talking to pedo penetrations our parents, 14yo nude pedo and was actually smiling
when we entered the room."See you guys later," Eric said, sounding more like his usual self."You bet!" Kaiden answered. pedo games
"Will you be at school by lunch?"With a questioning look, Eric glanced toward the pedophilia foto
adults."I think he will be," Josh stated."Awesome! I'll save you a seat at our table," I promised, before we said
our goodbyes and headed out the door. The sun hadn't been up for long, but
already the ranch was a beehive of activity. We waved or said hi to the
guys pedo foto little
we saw, before climbing into the Tacoma.On the drive photos pedo boys
south into Boulder, my brothers pedo passwords xxx wanted to know what it was
like for me during my custody hearings earlier this year. For a kid of
thirteen, I knew the system all too well; but fortunately, it had worked
for me. I sure hoped things would go as well for Eric! Anyway, I told
them we met for several minutes in a conference room at the lawyer's
office, first-thing. The lawyer was really nice photo de pedophile to me, and pretty much said
to ls magazine pedofilia just tell the truth to the judge. I didn't have to hentai doujin pedo
go into a courtroom
at all ... I met the judge in his chambers. Of course, I didn't know how
that would work for Eric.In first period football practice, coach pulled Kaiden and me illegal pedo sex top aside and
spoke to us in private. Sometimes coach could appear mean and uncaring;
but he was really interested in how Eric was coping with everything. And
he seemed genuinely happy with what we told him. Although none of the kids
at school knew about Eric's situation ... unless we told them, that is
... I suppose the faculty must have been told. Even several teachers who
didn't have Eric as a student this year, asked Kaiden or me how he was
doing. I knew Eric would be happy to hear so many people cared what
happened to him!Morning classes dragged children pedo photo by, but finally lunch period rolled around.
Several of us guys grabbed a table together, after collecting our trays of
food. I saved a spot for Eric, but he didn't show up, until we had
finished eating and lunch period was almost over. We were sitting at the
table, joking among ourselves, when he walked into the cafeteria and
straight to our table. He was bubbling over with information. Even though
our friend had been nervous about going to the lawyer's office, he had been
really nice to Eric. And then, he'd been assigned a kindly, black woman
judge, who had reminded Eric of his grandmother. Right away, he was
completely at ease with her. She asked him a ton of pedo download questions."It was a lot like school," he said. But unlike what sometimes happened
with the teachers at school, Eric knew the answers to all the judge's
questions.Anyway, it was almost noon by the time they were through talking, and Josh
had stopped at McDonald's for burgers and fries on the way to school.
Fortunately, Eric had his appetite back young pedo fetish
by then. But he was on pins and
needles the rest of the afternoon, as he wondered what was happening in the
adult world, and how it would affect him. pedo child cartoon incest Finally, last period rolled
around with no news. Class was almost half over, when the sexe teen pedo principal came
to the door. He spoke to the teacher for a little while, and she asked
Eric to step out into the pedo link
hall with teen kids pedo pics them. Damn, I thought Eric was going
to piss in his pants, or something! But when he returned a few moments
later, he had the sexo young pedo
biggest grin on sexi pedo tgp his face I've ever seen."I'm gonna live with you guys!" he mouthed across a couple rows of desks,
in Kaiden's and my direction.That was cause for shouting, if there ever was one! And Kaiden couldn't
help but holler, "YES!"Several heads turned, as some of our classmates wondered what had just
happened. In spite of the interruption, the teacher smiled, taboo incest pedo before she
explained in simple terms, that Eric had a problem at home. russian pedoporn He would be
living on the ranch with Kaiden, me, and the Lopez twins for a while. adult tiny pedo
J bar A guys now made up a fifth of the class.) All our friends were
really happy for Eric! And even some of the kids we didn't hang around
with were smiling.The teacher let the commotion go on for a little while, before bringing the
class back to order. But I didn't remember anything else she said during
the rest of sixth period. My mind was churning; but it was occupied with
other things ... like how much fun it would be to have Eric living with us.
Anyway, when the bell rang bikini pedo photos
to indicate the end of the school day, Eric,
Kaiden, Carlos, David, and I raced each other to get out of the building.As we were fooling around outside the front door, waiting for our rides
home, Devon, a neighbor boy our age, who was also on the middle school
football team with us, wandered by on his way to the bus."Hey, Devon," Eric shouted, causing our friend to stop walking and look
around. He saw us moments later and hurried over to where we were. "I'm
gonna be living on the ranch with these guys!""Sweet!" Devon exclaimed, smiling broadly. "For how long?""Well, right now, just for a while," Eric replied. "But I hope it's gonna
be forever!""What do you mean, forever?" Devon, who had a different lunch period and
afternoon classes than us, questioned. His prepubescent voice seemed
higher than normal. "Are your mom and dad gonna LET you do that?""They probably don't like it," Eric shrugged. "But I guess they didn't
have much of a choice."Devon looked puzzled."I mean ... maybe you didn't hear, Devon. You know those bruises I'd get?"Devon nodded."My dad used to beat me photos pedo 16
up all the time," Eric continued with his story,
before pausing for a moment. cp child pedo russian "Well ... they're gonna take him to court for
it.""Hey ... I didn't know, man," Devon commented, while gently curling his arm
around Eric's shoulder. "That really sucks!" After a moment's silence, he
asked, "What about your mom?"Amid the rush of kids hurrying to get away from school, Eric sadly shook
his head. "She'd LET him do it!"He took a couple of drags pedophilia sex movies pictures
on his inhaler. It was pedo forced sex the first time russian hardcore pedo I had seen
him use it that day. And suddenly, he seemed almost on the verge of tears;
I suppose it WAS hard to understand how a mom could do that. His shoulders
began to hitch silently."Things are gonna be different for you now," Kaiden added, tousling Eric's
hair the way Tim had affectionately messed-up all our hair so many times.
Like father, like son, I guess. Hopefully, it didn't have to always turn
out that way, though, since my birth dad had deserted me. I sure didn't
want to do that if I had any kids ... nylon pedo pics
just like I bet Eric didn't want to
beat up a son he might have."I know they are," Eric agreed, interrupting my thought. He had a sad
smile kds free pedo
on his face."You're part of our family now," Kaiden offered with a big grin,
confidently expressing what all of us were sure would happen."Yeah, I'm gonna like free little pedo sex
living with you guys," Eric said, looking Kaiden in
the eye. "But just the same..."***Well pedofilia naked guys, I think I'm going to end chapter three right here. I hope you
enjoyed it! Of course, I'd love to hear from you, if you
did. ( of a nature photography trip Steve and I will be on next week
... we will be in Wyoming, shooting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons
... chapter four won't be posted for two weeks. But I can promise more fun
adventures from MY favorite family, rompl pedo world at least, in chapter four.I hope all of you have a great two weeks! Greg***If you would like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do that
here: And if you've pedo girls nudes never
read the free sex videos pedo earlier stories in this series, you might enjoy them. They're
also in pedo top 50 thumbs
the Gay/Incest area of the top pedo porn kids Nifty Archive."I'll Suck You" - Final Post Date: June 25, 2007
"I've Got the Best Family" - Final Post Date: May 23, 2008
"Us Guys" - Final Post Date: May 29, 2009Or you can go to the "Prolific Authors" tab and scroll down to my pen name
... Photo Guy.Have a great week, guys! Greg

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