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From: don mumford
Subject: MIKE and RICHIE Chapter 4 by Donny Mumford MIKE and RICHIE chapter 4 by Donny MumfordHe's standing there in his boxer shorts looking good, and erotic preteen nymphet
it's an awesome
thing, but it's a little bit unnerving too because we really don't know each
other all that well. Also, the quiet in here seems to highlight the awkwardness
of the situation for both of us; I should have turned the radio on or something.
This bedroom's so small and Mike's almost naked gay preteens index and I'm in such close proximity
to him I feel overheated and uncomfortable, and there's desire on my part too. I
gulp, clear my throat, then look away for a second, thinking,"Say something, do
something! But I can't think straight! Then I get a rational thought, "It's
just our first night... let's give it a chance." That's what I wanted to say to
Mike, who looks as uncomfortable as I feel, but I don't say it... instead, I
look at the floor, and mumble, "See ya in a few minutes," then go into the
bathroom for my shower, all the while worried Mike won't be here when I come
out. There's a pounding in my head and preteens putas models a firmness in my dick as I turn on the
water and step under the same shower Mike stood naked under a few minutes ago;
it's a turn-on for me and my dick lists to the side as I reach down to stroke it
a few times, then fondle the bar of soap thinking, "Mike just washed his hot
body with this very bar of soap." I know... it's a dumb thing to think and I
need to get real before I embarrass myself. Hurrying, I wash, dry off, and get
back to the bedroom anxious to see if Mike's still here, and there he is in my
bed, under the top sheet. He's looking sooo good there too. His head's resting
on my pillow; can I believe this, my pillow is under Mike's head! Okay, he's
still here with me which is giving me this exciting, surreal feeling of, 'this
just might be too good to be preteen nude banners true!" Earlier, on the boardwalk, we'd agreed to
take turns sleeping in the bed. One night Mike has the bed, and I'm in the
sleeping bag, and the next night we switch, and so on. As my guest, I insisted
he have the bed the first night and of course Mike got annoyed with me because
he doesn't care for anyone 'insisting' anything on him. Then, resigned to it,
he goes, "It's your house, hot-shot; you're the boss." I left it at that, but
I don't really believe, especially where Mike is concerned, I'm ever going to
be the 'boss'.
Taking a deep breath, I ask, "Um, can I get nymphets preteens pictures you anything, Mike?" I'm in boxer
shorts too, my arms crossed over my chest 'cause I'm kinda skinny and self
conscious about it. Mike doesn't look over at me though, he just says, "Nah, I'm
good." "Okay to turn out the lights, Mike?" I ask, and he snaps back at me,
"You gonna ask my permission to take a pee too?" He's right; why am I such a
wimp around him? Dammit! I force a chuckle, and ask, "Well, can I? Can I take a
pee?" and force out a phony laugh to show him I'm kidding. He blows out a lot of
air, disgusted. The lights are off and I'm lying on top of the sleeping bag when
he says, "Oh, before I forget. My mom probably will be calling on my cell phone
tomorrow morning. It'll be around 4am but don't worry, I'll be up and out of
here without making a sound."I say, "Sure thing, Mike. No problem." He's
mumbling now, "I don't want to disturb your old man so I'll push the bike up the
block before starting it." This is just a guess on my part, but I don't think
Mike likes having to explain himself to me and that's why he sounds annoyed
telling me about this. I better not say anything though. After ten seconds of
silence, he's like, "You good with all this, Richie?" I'm like, "Yeah, great!
Thanks." I know damn well he's staring into the night wondering if I just dissed
him somehow, so to change the subject, I ask, "Mike, are ya gonna come up on the
boardwalk after work tomorrow?" He sounds better when he goes, "Yeah, I'll see
ya on the boards around two." I say, "I'll be waiting for ya with the guys."
Mike says, "Alright then, goodnight." I say goodnight thinking, "Yes! He seems
okay with everything, He even sounded friendly when he said
goodnight." Still, what a strange feeling to be laying on top of my sleeping
bag next to Mike, who's in my bed. How very odd; what a deliciously
unexpected development this is. Just this morning I had no inkling this could
even be a possibility, and now it's a reality... here he is. I'm getting this
wonderful, contended feeling of happiness, then I wonder: when was the last time
I felt happy, like I lol kiddy preteen do now? Hmmm, I can't think of a time which is just plain
pathetic. No! Don't let yourself be dragged down by the past, enjoy the present.
To that end I'm picturing Mike's head on my pillow, the same pillow my head will
be on tomorrow. Yes!!
It's warm tonight and we don't have air conditioning in here, just a window
fan that's blowing on Mike; I hope he's comfortable. He's receiving whatever
cooling benefit the window fan's providing because it's level with the bed. On
the floor I can't feel much of the breeze and, as I said, it's a warm night
which is why I'm on top of the sleeping bag instead of inside preteen spandex it. Mike will be
sleeping down here tomorrow night so what I'll do is buy a fan that can be
directed onto the guy who's stuck with the sleeping bag. "Okay!" I thought to
myself, "good thinking!" Not being real tired, my mind wanders a bit and lands
on the so-called "test" Mike gave me on the front porch a while back. He said
it would reveal if I'm gay or not. It's a vivid memory for me, one I've
jerked-off to a number of times. In my mind I can picture me sitting on the
porch railing when Mike unexpectedly spreads my knees apart, each one up against
the railing. I would have fallen over backwards if I hadn't grabbed around
Mike's neck. Right now I can almost feel my arms against his neck and his
hands massaging the inside of my thighs, and then him putting both hands up my
baggy shorts. He'd grabbed my balls, the only thing between the palm of his hand
and my nuts was the thin material of my boxer shorts. Then he'd squeezed a
little before getting my underage preteen incest
dick with his other hand. It's not at all surprising
that my dick quickly got hard; who's wouldn't with Mike gently massaging it. He
fisted my cock and squeezed my nuts for a few minutes; me gasping and begging
him to stop. My arms around his neck had pulled out faces together and our
noses rubbed. He has an awesome natural smell too; I guess you'd call it sexy
'cause it gets me hard right now nude 13yo preteens
just remembering it. Of course he ignored my
pleas to stop; instead he'd established a steady rhythm stroking my boned-up
dick and it had felt so good I humped my hips against his hand in time with his
stroking. Eventually he picked up the tempo; it got faster and faster till
finally I squealed out against the side of his face and gushed cum all over the
inside my boxers. I'd flunked the 'test' which proved I'm gay. What nonsense,
but at the same time, what a rush reliving that experience.
Going up on my elbow I look at Mike; he's sleeping already. He's so fucking good
looking, so fucking cute! Jesus, any other night I'd be jerking myself off in
bed, can't do it with him sleeping right there. Still, I gotta relieve myself so
I nude 13 preteen
quietly get up and, with my hard cock leading the way, slip into the bathroom,
turn on the water as cover-up noise, and wack-off to beat the band. Thinking not
only of the 'test' but also about Mike being right here tonight, in my bed, on
the other side of this thin wall, and I soon shoot a hard, long stream of cum
against the shower curtain, moaning quietly as the second stream of spunk
splashes against the tub, and the a third falls short landing on the floor.
Then, tight slow strokes pulls up cum-drippings as my shoulders shudder and an
electric buzzing travels around my balls and models bikini preteen
up to the head of my dick. Another
shudder of pleasure and then the feeling of weakness I get after climaxing hard.
Slumping on the closed toilet seat I wait for my heart beat and breathing to
return to normal. Wow! What an awesome thing it is to climax like that. I never
had climaxes like this before I met Mike! Feeling good now I take a deep breath,
smile at the good fortune of having Mike as my roommate, then clean the cum off
the shower curtain, tub, and floor. Can't have Mike spotting the telltale signs
of the favorite pastime of adolescent boys... hee hee! I'm in such a great
mood!Back on top of the sleeping bag trying for some sleep and the next conscious
thing I notice is musical notes preteen pussy panties repeating themselves and, what the hell am I
doing on the floor... what the? My eyes open a little and it all comes flooding
back to me; Mike is in my bed and that noise is his cell phone. In a flash Mike
sits up and quietly mumbles into his cell phone, "Yeah, yeah...I'm up. I'll see
you there. Yeah, thanks." He clicks his phone preteen putas shut, slips into shorts and a
t-shirt, then into the bathroom, and out quickly. From the first tone of his
cell, till Mike closes the front door, took maybe three minutes. As the front
door clicks shut, I jump up and pad into the kitchen to look at him through the
window. I watch him push his bike down the sidewalk until he's out gal nn preteen of view; he
isn't having any trouble pushing it. Why is it so difficult when I push it?
Thirty seconds later I hear the muffled sound of his bike starting up, a
semi-quiet wheelie and away he goes. It's 4:05am. I tip toe quickly into the
bathroom for a quick pee and then right into my recently vacated bed that's
still warm from Mike's body. Pulling the pillow over my face I inhale his
aroma, then flip over on my belly to wiggle back and forth where he lay and
hump the bed with the little preteen cunts
subtle scent of Mike wafting from the sheets. A slow
humping of my mattress as I fantasize Mike being here with me. Then, reaching
under, I begin stroking my cock and lightly squeezing my nuts like Mike did
during that bogus 'test'. Oh, what a sweet feeling all around my crotch, belly
and thighs. It isn't long before I'm making quiet desperate sounds, "Ooh, oh,
aah, ah, ah," as I stroke myself and hump the imaginary Mike. Then that
unmistakable sensation in my groin, two last fast strokes and I squeeze out a
long stream of spunk followed by three short ones as lights stream behind my
eyes and my hq preteens
body stiffens, then shudders and shakes with the awesome after
effects of orgasm.I feel slightly drained, but fabulous too as I squirm on the mattress with the
pleasure of this part-fantasy, part-true experience. As the sensations fade away
I realize I have tears on my tube preteen nude
cheeks. "I must be really fucked up in my head.
What's wrong with me?" Then I chuckle to myself; I'd gotten so hot so fast this
morning I forgot to use my handy masturbation sock sample preteens bikini to shoot off in. Ha ha, I
keep it between the mattress and the wall. Oops, what if Mike discovered it
there? Flipping nonude preteen supermodels over on my back, I squish in my own cum feeling weird and
disoriented, but good too. Mike's got my head totally screwed up, and he's not
even aware preteen elweb of it; not that it's screwed up in a bad way. I wonder where all
this will take me, preteen kids pictures
and then the next thing I'm aware of is the sound of the
shower. SHIT!! The old man!! I'd fallen back to sleep without setting my
alarm. Up and dressed in a flash, dried cum on my boxer shorts, I run all the
way to the convenience store for the coffee, danish and pack of cigarettes my
dad expects will be waiting for him when he's out of the shower. He smokes
exactly one pack per day; by buying cigarettes one pack at a time he controls
his habit. Every morning there's a $20 bill on the kitchen counter intended for
the purchase of those three items, and I get to keep the change. One or two
times per week, depending on how he's doing with tips at the casino, there's an
extra $20 bill for me to help cover my meals and on Saturdays there's my $50 for
the chores I do. Dad told me this all adds up to the amount of money per week he
previously sent my Mom for my underground preteen portals
child support. Now he gives it to me to use here.
Seems fair and I'm grateful. And something else: the more he gets to know me the
fewer times he feels it's necessary to slap me; I'm grateful for that too. And
him being okay with Mike living here is cool too so, all in all, I'm satisfied
with my dad, pleasantly surprised, but happily so.This morning seems to drag on because of extra chores today. I did all my
regular jobs which including washing our clothes and cleaning the kitchen, plus
I washed the sleeping bag 'cause Mike will be using it tonight; it's my turn for
the bed so I left the cum stained sheets in place. Then I cleaned the bathroom
from top to bottom. I don't want Mike thinking he's bunking down with slobs. Of
course I'm anxious to see Mike again, but I can't help wondering if anything
will be different in our relationship now that he's staying here. Maybe Mike
will feel closer to me now, give me a little slack with the ' rookie treatment;
maybe not embarrass me in front of the guys so much for laughs, that kind of
thing. Then I worry the opposite might happen, that he'll gets harder on me to
prove... to prove what? I don't know what. I guess it comes down to this: I'm
afraid something, something I can't even imagine, will screw-up Mike staying
with me. During my forty minute walk to the boardwalk I analyzed everything
that happened from the second Mike arrived at my house until the second he left
and couldn't come up with anything that might have pissed him off, but ya never
know. Up on the boardwalk I hot pretty preteens find five of the guys goofing around, smoking, and
pitching quarters against the side of Annie's used book store. Tony sees me and
comes over to greet me. We go, "Yo, whassup?" at the same time, then do a quick
hand shake, one arm hug, and a pat on the back. I feel close to Tony and I can
tell he likes me too. It's important for guys fucking preteen free to be liked; in my old
neighborhood not everybody who hung out together got along, but here with Mike
in charge everyone seems to go along to get along; very little tension, unless
Mike's creating some. Tony pulls out a half pack of cigarettes and offers me
one. It's part of the preteens photos underage gang's social order to offer cigarettes around whenever
you're getting one for yourself. It's considered rude to decline the offer so
we all end up smoking more than we want. As we smoke, Tony tells me about last
night and his latest attempt to pick-up a 'babe' on the boardwalk. "She won't
win no fucking beauty contest, Richie ... but, fuck! you gotta see the lips on
this bitch. Wheee, oh boy! She could suck a golf ball through fifty feet of
garden hose! I want those lips around my snake trying to suck my balls up
through my dick!!!" Tony often gets himself laughing hysterically and it can
become contagious. He's leaning into me and really laughing so I have to laugh
too, at Tony's reaction, not that old garden hose line. We get over the giggles
as some of the other guys wander over to screw around; we tell lies to each
other about this and that and do nothing special, just hangin' on the boardwalk
with the troops, having our version of fun.Around preteens girl sexy 2pm I hear Mike's motorbike. Looking over the railing I see Mike park
the bike on the street and then swagger up the ramp to the boardwalk sporting a
bright red sunburned nose. It's been hot with bright sunshine today and Mike
works outside on that farm doing whatever it is he does. Tony lisps, "Yo Mike,
your fucking nose is wicked sunburned." Everybody likes good hearted Tony, so
Mike smiles, shaking his head slightly, saying, "No shit Tony; I wonder how that
happened." "Maybe 'cause you work outside Mike, the sun's pretty hot, so maybe
that's it." Tony's sincere about his obvious observation, Mike chuckles as he
lights a cigarette. We all smile to ourselves because Tony's so clueless. Smoke
drifting from his nose and mouth, Mike looks over at me, and asks, "Everything
cool, Richie?" "Couldn't be cooler, Mike!" I say, and we're off walking the
boards, doing our usual routine. It sure seems that all is good to go for
another night at my place. Later that afternoon, Mike says to me, "Man, it's so
hot and humid, how about we head out to your place early; I've been up since 4
a.m." As we're walking towards his bike, he says, "Hey, maybe we can stop and
get some Chinese take-out for dinner. Whaddaya think?" At times Mike seems to
be asking a question or asking if something's okay, but he's actually not doing
that; what he's doing is telling you what's going to happen next, but telling
you in a nice way. preteen nude littles It's all fine by me. Over the next few days that's pretty
much the routine: Mike's up at four in the morning, I sleep in, then do my
chores, and meet Mike later in the day on the boardwalk... later he decides what
we'll do for dinner. I'm loving it except me we haven't taken one of our private
rides or done any of our wrestling lessons since Mike's moved in preteen cartoon porn with me. We've
had some good conversations while eating our dinner and even in the bedroom
before sleep, but absolutely none of the touching that wrestling allows, and I
really miss the bodily contact. Riding behind Mike on the motorbike is a
little different too. Shortly after the first night he stayed with me;
we're riding somewhere when Mike turns his head to me, and says, "Yo! Stop
trying to grab my balls when you're hugging me low on my stomach like that!"
Then another time he says, "Richie, stop hugging me like you're my girlfriend.
You're not a pussy are ya?" When he says things like that it hurts my feelings
but I let it slide and try to accommodate him, "Hold on to my waist with your
hands, don't put your arms around me, fer christsakes! Ya know, Richie, I
overlook some stuff you do, but I can't have you mauling my body. It's
embarrassing to me and it should be to you too." The more he talked, the angrier
he seemed to get and I get the feeling it's himself he's angry with but I'm not
sure why. Anyway, he finished this latest complaint with, "Keep your hands to
yourself or I'm gonna smack ya in the mouth! Ya got that?" Mumbling, I go,
"Yeah, I got it but little nipple preteens
why be mad at me, Mike? I was just trying to do what you
told me to do earlier." He's not paying attention though, some asshole pulled
out from a McDonalds cutting us off and Mike's screaming at him. Fuck, what
difference does it make if he heard me or not. It will just sound like I'm
whining if I remind him he's the one who told me to hold on tight, especially
when I almost fell off the back of the bike that first time with those guys
chasing us. Looking at the bright side of things, he's calling me 'Richie' now,
he's dropped the mocking 'Richard' stuff, and he hasn't grabbed a fistful of my
hair for a long time, so it ain't all bad. Later that same day he chastised me
for not holding him tight enough when we chat preteen porn were taking a sharp turn and I began
sliding over the side, "God dammit, Richie! Hold on tighter than that! Don't be
a smart ass!" So, it's hard for hardcore preteen sluts me to win, but I am back to a hold that's closer
to a hug than anything else, and I haven't heard any complaints about it
recently.On the forth day Mike met my old man and they hit it off really well. Quick
meeting but relaxed, no tension. My dad sounded sincere,"Hi, nice to meet you,
Mike. Sorry about your trouble! Hey, I ran into your mother at the drugstore
today. She heard me give my name when I was picking up my prescription and
introduced herself to thank me for taking you in. She seems a very nice lady,
very attractive." Man, that's a long speech for my dad, really long. Mike's
like, "Oh, thanks. Yeah, mom's great. Thanks for letting me stay here, Mr.
Mealey." Dad's all smiles, "Glad we can help, son. Nice meeting you." That's
about it, but it relaxed Mike even more and I can tell he's shaved preteens pics
settling in for the
long haul. That's a good thing... A few nights later I'm in the bed, Mike's
on the sleeping bag, exhausted after another day on the tomato farm. He's like
dead to the world lying there, the rotary floor fan I bought blowing warmish
air over him. I couldn't sleep and soon found myself staring down at Mike as
he glows in the moon light streaming through the window. Laying on my stomach
at the very edge of the bed, I look down at him. He appears long and slim
laying there; geez, this is cool being able to study bbs preteen portal
how he looks. Of course,
if he opens his eyes he'll be startled as hell to see my wide-eyed stare; it
would probably totally freak him out. I chuckle at the thought of how pissed-off
he'd be that I'm ogling him like this, but I can't stop looking. He's deep
asleep anyway so he's not going to catch me at it. His face is completely
relaxed; a very youthful looking face which most people over-look because he
acts so tough and confident. Whoa, he's special! Turning away then, feeling
like a stalker, I rub my dick into a boner and can't resist rolling back over
again for another nude preteen paradise look at Mike as I stroke myself. His buzzed haircut
highlights the perfect shape of his head, and his perfectly straight, blond
hairline. He has thin light brown eyebrows and longish, slightly curled
eyelashes. His nose and lips and chin and cheeks and every god damn feature of
his face is like a Leonardo da Vinci drawing of the perfect boy's face.
Wonderful symmetry of facial features and the unbelievably healthy skin tone;
altogether an example of real physical beauty for a boy... something,
until recently, I wouldn't even recognize or acknowledge existed. Did I just
think the word 'symmetry'? Ha ha! He requires I elevate my vocabulary! Oh man,
he's awesome! Back to evaluating every inch of Mike, I'm in wonder at his
perfectly formed arms with the definition of muscle in his biceps and russia preteen art the fine,
almost invisible, light blond tiny preteen tback modles hairs on his forearms. And look at the great
hairless chest and taut stomach on this kid; it's ridiculous! He doesn't have
the classic 'six-pack' of stomach muscle exactly, but very firm and tight and
real... and sexy too. I've felt tight preteen ass his taut, tight stomach any number of times
with my arms around him riding on his bike, and during our wrestling matches,
and I've had my arms around his narrow waist, and rubbed over his innie belly
button.Stroking my dick slowly, I close my eyes and let out a low moan of desire
yearning to touch him and be held in his strong arms; you know, like when we
wrestle. With my eyes closed I picture him in my head and I've never seen a more
perfect looking boy. I've acknowledged to myself early on, in a general way,
that Mike is cute and, you know... hot too, I guess. He's the first boy I've
ever had any kind of thought like that about, but now it goes even deeper; his
perfection is something to be realize and absorbed, and for some reason that
thought scares me. Am I a freak to think these thoughts? And I wonder about his
hidden private parts inside his boxers too. I've felt his boner through his
shorts a few times while wrestling, but I can't tell how big it is, and I hate
myself for even thinking about it, but I do. As he lay on top of the sleeping
bag my eyes open and travel down to his legs. Can they be as perfect as preteen preteen xxx the rest
of him? Of course they can, long and sleek with the same good muscle
definition, and almost invisible little blond hairs on the calves, as his arms.
Mike's the perfect 'male form' and how lucky I am to be able to appreciate it up
close and personal like this. I chuckle to myself because I can't take my eyes
off him. Okay, I'm obsessed with him, infatuated and overwhelmed by him. Jeez, I
wonder if Mike has any idea how lucky he's been with the mix of genes he's
blessed with. Starting with his parents, and going back to generations of mixed
genes before theirs; all of them mixed together came up with this banned pic preteen
dominate, and almost perfect looking boy, and Mike probably takes it all for
granted. The word 'exquisite' enters my mind, but I quickly reject it because
it's too faggy; first symmetry and now exquisite! What's happening to me? Ha ha.
Anyway, I still gotta admit I think Mike's beautiful, and that's awful faggy
too. It's no wonder my hard boner is throbbing and dripping on the sheets. I'll
need to change the sheets again tomorrow night, Mike might get upset about
sleeping in stiff sheets. Ha! Yeah, a little!Casually playing with myself, remembering how Mike feels and smells when I'm
riding behind him on the motorbike, or even better, our wrestling matches; his
personal scent is so nice, so like Mike preteens nue in a way I can't articulate. Humans
apparently preteen underage petit
emit some kind of chemical fragrance that other humans detect in
their preteen pedo model
own unique ways. I read on line once that the chemical emitted is called
pheromones; whatever it's called I'm detecting Mike's in a very positive way.
Continuing to look at him while playing with myself creates an ache in my balls
and when it gets to be too much, I turn over to face the wall and quietly
jerk-off; I'm comfortable doing this because I've learned that Mike's a deep
sleeper. Oh, this feels so good! I wish the feeling could last, but I'm much
too aroused for that; in two minutes, preteen art foto
grunting quietly and breathing raggedly, I
shoot a lot of creamy cum into the masha preteen feet sweat sock I hide between the mattress and
the wall. Whoa! It's going to take a while for that sock to dry out! My second
squirt has me moaning, knowing the noise from the window fan cover these moans
of pleasure. Jerking off is a very good way to spend some quality time with
oneself. Mike heard nothing, didn't even move. My orgasm calmed me down
considerably and I'm ready for sleep. The last things I remember as I doze off,
with a smile on my lips, is the hot after effects of that awesome orgasm that
buzzed in my groin. Then, with a picture of Mike in my head I go to sleep
happy. If I dreamed of him, hardcore rape preteen I don't recall the dream.Today's pretty much like most days except Mike is beginning to act towards naturist asian preteen me
more like he did before moving in. Maybe the exchange with my old man convinced
him that this sleeping arrangement is set, and that worry's off his mind. He's
back to embarrassing me for laughs like he did in the early days. Maybe he's
doing it because he's sharing my bedroom, he feels he needs to prove free preteen videos to the guys
that nothing's changed; I'm still the new brazilian preteen
kid. Today, for example: Mike gets
pissed at me because I wasn't paying attention when he asked me something and I
held up my hand, like... "I'll be with ya in a second, Mike." He was not
pleased and he clamps his left hand on the back of my neck, his thumb on one
side and his fingers on the other side squeezing. I'm like, "Owwww... ouch, ..ah
ah Mike, please!" He bends my head down almost to his crotch and sarcastically
mimics me, "Just a second, Richie. I'm busy now," squeezing my neck harder.
"Oh," he says, "perhaps you can give me a hand. preteen preview videos I burned my thumb at the farm
today. Did you ever burn your thumb Rich? Huh, did ya?" I'm like, "Oh, ah
...please, you're really hurting my neck, Mike." The guys are snickering
naturally. Mike continues, "My thumb is too sore to pull down my zipper. Can you
do it for me Richard? Please?" Everything he says is in a mocking manner; I'm
getting a headache from the pain at the back of my neck, but I manage to mumble,
"Sure, I can do that for ya." After accidentally groping his crotch, I finally
get a hold on the little metal "pull" and zip it down. Mike squawks, "I didn't
mean here you dumb shit! Ya think I'm going to pee on the boardwalk? Zip that
back up!" The guys are laughing, Mike has a full audience today as all six of
his loyal followers are here. Casual boardwalk walkers might notice two teens
messing around, but Mike has us facing the ocean over near the railing and his
fly isn't visible to most. The guys laugh, but they don't hate me; it's like I
said, I'm just low man in the group experiencing some hazing. Mike's got a
bully streak in him, but I think it's to cover up the fact that he's basically a
quiet nice guy who's forced to grow up in a rough neighborhood and, as a
result, he's developed this bullying side to project toughness; although that's
just a theory.While pulling his zipper back up I feel the impression of his limp dick. This
is the first physical contact we've had since he moved in with me; obviously not
the kind I was hoping for. Mike blurts out, theatrically, "You touched my dick;
I think you need a spanking." The guys are laughing nervously, wondering if
Mike's going too far. "Come over to this bench you naughty boy!" People passing
by can hear Mike and they begin gawking at my embarrassing situation although I
don't imagine many of them can make-out exactly what's being said; my face is
dark red with embarrassment just the same. Mike keeps me bent over as both my
hands hold onto his arm. He's pulling me through the boardwalk crowd to the
bench he's chosen, and then drags me down with him when he sits. Arranging me
across his lap gets the guys hooting and hollering; this is one for the books.
They'll be talking about Mike spanking the new kid on the boardwalk all summer.
The only exception is Tony, he's concerned for me, "Okay, Mike that's enough.
Let him up, Mike, it's not funny!" Mac finally yells at Tony, "Shut the fuck up
Tony or I'll give you a spanking too." Tony blog preteens nudes yells back, "I'd like to see you try
it, you homo." And while that was going on, Mike has fumbled around trying to
pull down my shorts, but finally settles for grabbing my ass, saying, "Which ass
cheek do ya want me to spank?" Then, from some where to very preteen sites our right I hear a
screechy lady's voice, "Just what do you think you're doing there, young man?"
Mike says, "Excuse me, say what, Ms Butt-in-ski? Surely you're not talking to
me." I couldn't see the lady, but she sure has a bossy ring to her voice. "Let
him up this instant you fresh mouthed thing, or would you prefer I call
the boardwalk police." "Hey lady, he's my little brother and he needs a big
bad spanking for being naughty, but you go ahead and call all the police you
want, Ms Busybody. See if I give a shit!" She's like, "Well, I never...! That
kind of language doesn't belong anywhere, and certainly not where little
children are about!" Mike ignores her and gets my head low to the boards on
his left, pushing down at the back of my head, me laying across his lap with my
left leg on preteen nudist incest the bench beside Mike, my right foot on the boardwalk. This is
another one of Mike's incredibly intimate positions that he gets us into. His
knees spread open a little so that my crotch fits right down tight on top of
his. Our cocks rub against one another as I squirm to get free. Mike moves his
knees back and forth generating extra stimulation for our dicks which begin
forming into boners; I stop my squirming and enjoy the feel of Mike's hard cock.
With his strong right hand he's settled on a firm grip of my left ass cheek,
the tip of his index finger probes the back of my nuts, his hand pushed
sideways into my ass crack; the full length of it like a wedgie. He's
massaging my bum and my crack, and every few seconds squeezing it, but not so it
hurts, actually it feels good.Mike's preteen xxx girls run out of ideas for humiliating me and I've stopped fidgeting anyway;
this entire episode on the bench has lasted only about a minute and yet
sensations all around my groin, up into my stomach,and all around my ass, are
sexy and hot. Tingling, humming sensations all over my lap and buttocks areas...
it's too awesome to describe. I've forgotten all about the humiliating aspects
of this and let myself submerge into a Mike induced orgy of good feelings. In
my aroused state I'm blowing out little burst of air while feeling my balls
begin to tighten up and that pre-ejaculation sensation comes on me. All the
activity surrounding me on the boardwalk had receded far into the background,
the arousal feelings in my groin rules. From far off I hear, "She just called
on her cell phone, Mike." It's Marty updating Mike about the nosey lady's
actions. Mike asks me, "Do you by any chance have a wooden or mental tube of
some sort in your pocket, Richie?" And from Marty again, "I see the cop's hat
bobbing up and down as he rides his bike up the boards, Mike." It's getting too
close, so Mike says to me, "I owe you a spanking," and he sits me up by pulling
my head up by my hair, then releasing me. "Tony, give Richie your hat and you
come over here and take my place." model slut preteen To me he mouths silently, "Cover up your
boner!" Then he casually walks over and takes Kyle's hat and puts it on his
head. All the boardwalk walkers block these minor outfit alterations and
position changes. Mike has now moved away from the bench and is talking to some
of the guys when the cop rides up to the lady who's waving at him. We can hear
her piercing voice say, "They're over here, officer." She leads the cop over,
then gets confused. She looks at Tony sitting on the bench, then at me, but we
don't look like the two on the bench just a minute ago. Tony's short and I'm
wearing a baseball hat, smiling sweetly. After a few seconds, as the lady looks
from me to Tony, then to the other boys standing around smirking, Tony and me
get up slowly to walk over to the steps leading down to the beach twenty feet
below. We know Mike will shortly have them all talking in circles and Ms
Busybody will be so confused about who did what to whom it will end up making
her look like a fool. This is exactly the kind of thing all the guys love and
it will be discussed for days and create lots of laughs as the story gets better
with each telling. Eventually it'll be me bare assed with my dick hanging out
for Ms. busybody to point at, or something just as crazy.Tony and me walk down the steps and onto the beach heading for the ocean, which
looks calm today. Tony's agitated, "Mike can be a major prick, Richie. Are you
okay?" "Oh yeah, I'm fine, although it was wicked embarrassing." Tony tells me
not to worry about it because all the guys have had embarrassing things done to
them over the years by Mike. "Ya know, Richie, Mike's the strongest and can be
a bully at times, but he's smart and wicked cool too, and funny as hell. Don't
ya think?" I say, "Yeah, sure, Tony, I agree. I'm cool with everything, I know
it's just naked preteen voyeur Mike being Mike. I get over stuff quick." Tony reaches up to take
his hat back and then gives my head a rub and my arm a squeeze showing me he
approves of how I handled myself, and he's showing me that I have his support
too. We'd slipped off our sandals when we got to the beach and then walked
across the beach to stand in about six inches of ocean water as it flows in
around our ankles all foamy and cool, and then just as fast flows smoothly back
out to sea. It feels good. These guys who've lived year round in Wildwood hardly
ever go in the ocean because after a while the preteens nudes pics
ocean is just there. A seaweed
strewn expanse; just waves of salty water rolling up on the sand. To tourist
it's exotic and fabulous, but the locals have long ago lost interest. Strange
how that works. After a while Tony and I wander back up onto the boards where
we find the guys smoking and horsing around, like always. They all look up when
we appear at the top of the steps, then all the guys follow Mike as he preteen free models
towards us. I kind of cringe when Mike reaches over to put his arm across my
shoulders, and asks, "You okay, Richie?" I shrug and say, "Yo, I'm fine!" and
everyone starts talking and laughing at the same time. They talked over each
other telling Tony and me fuck young preteens how Mike made fools of the nosey lady and the stupid
After a bit Mike walks me away from the group and over to the side of the
boardwalk opposite the beach; the side with all the stores and shops and
miniature golf courses, and water parks and amusement rides, and just about
anything you can think of. He says, "Richie, I want you to try something
fabulous, something new; crusty french fries. They're simply the best french
fries you'll ever taste. Have you ever had 'em?" I don't know what to expect, I
shake my head 'no' and he guides me down the boardwalk to the shop that sells
them. Along the way he has a long string of things he wants to tell me regarding
what happened between him and me a little while ago. Many words and
rationalizations that all added up to less than an apology, although Mike
probably thought it was one. No matter, with his arm around my shoulder I
feel russian defloration preteen special that he cares enough about me to give this rambling explanation. At
the shop he buys me an order of the special french fries which come in a paper
cup with a small container of ketchup. "Watch out cause they're wicked hot right
out of the fry-o-lay-tor. Pick russian preteen gays
out a long one and dip the end in the ketchup."
I did that and damn if it wasn't the best french fry I've ever eaten.
Crunchy on the outside with lots of salt, but creamily delicious inside. "Yum
yum!" preteen kate model I say. We finish the cup of fries without saying another word, then Mike
buys us both lemonades made with fresh lemons squeezed right in front of you.
After silently draining our lemonades, Mike puts his arm across my shoulders
again and we walk down the boards, neither of us in a hurry. He's quietly
telling me, "Ya know, you really handled that situation okay back there, Richie.
I was just fucking around with you getting some laughs for the guys, right? I
could tell you were cool with it; I respect that." Looking for some more
compliments, I say, "It was wicked embarrassing, but I know the routine, I'm no
baby." Mike lets his arm drop from my shoulders to drape it around my neck, and
says, "Ya know Richie, you are quickly becoming my best bud out of the entire
'gang' and that's a surprise because I've only know you for weeks as compared to
knowing most of the guys for years." Boy oh boy, was I ever getting a great
feeling hearing this; I can't tell you how good it makes me feel knowing Mike
really, honest to God, likes me; maybe best out of everyone. The entire
humiliating spanking scene is totally ancient history!We hook up with the guys again; most of the talk for the rest of the afternoon
is about the spanking that almost happened, and the old busybody calling the
boardwalk police, and how Mike and the guys outsmarted everyone. Finally, to me,
Mike nods his head in the direction of his bike indicating "we're outta here"...
we exchange friendly insults with everyone and then I follow Mike to his bike.
When I get on the back, I give Mike an extra tight hug around his waist; he
fires up the motorbike and drive us away from the boardwalk without objecting to
my show of affection. It's like we passed some invisible barrier into a tighter
friendship and it all evolved from that humiliating spanking that never really
was a spanking. I think preteen homemade video Mike's very smart, but I don't think for a minute he
knew where it was headed when he started bullying me this afternoon. By
happenstance it turned out great for me; and I think Mike's happy with the
conclusion too. TI'm looking up because the sky's illegal preteen cum getting dark fast as it
sometimes does on real hot summer days in South Jersey. As the sky got darker
the temperature drops quickly and it's kinda spooky flying along the back roads
heading home. Then there's booming thunder clap so loud it' scares the hell out
of me. The winds picked up and I'm thinking we're in for a wet time of it during
the last half of our ride. Another boom of thunder followed by a streaking bolt
of lightning. Mike turns his head, and yells back to me, "Get ready for a hard
rain, hold onto me tight, Richie!" He didn't need to preteen models ukraine tell me twice, I'm
squeezing him against me with the side of my face against his back, my long hair
flapping against the back of his neck. A thought hits me: There isn't anyplace
in the world I'd rather be than right here where I am right now with him. More thunder and lightning, then a few fat drops of rain hit the street
around us, splattering wetly, followed immediately by more, and then a
deluge! Rain so thick it's almost as if we're under water. Mike yells,
"Fuck!" and steers the bike to the side of the road, then to a complete stop
'cause you can't see two feet in front of your face. The two of us
are totally drenched within seconds. It's a wild scene and even Mike says
he's never seen rain like this before. In two minutes the gutters are
backing up; there's an inch, then two inches of water on the road. It
lasts maybe five minutes total, then began quickly tapering off, and
then it stops altogether and the sun comes out. Unbelievable! It was
a short thunder storm, but we couldn't be any wetter than if we'd jumped into
the ocean with all our cloths on. Mike fires up the motorbike, then
takes it slow because there's a lot of water on the roads. When it's
safe he punches the power up and we pick up speed. The air's fresh now, then,
out of nowhere a dazzling rainbow appears in the sky ahead of us. I've
never seen colors so stark and bright in a rainbow before, and I
think, "That's Mike and my rainbow!" Wow! It's celebrating our new
bonding today! He goes, "Holy shit! Look at that, Richie!" I'm speechless
staring at it and feeling his weird sense that it's a sign for us of
some sort. It fades away completely just as Mike pulls up in front of our
place. Parking the bike, we drag our soaked bodies up onto the porch and I hop
up on the railing to have a preteen ukraine model cigarette. Mike pulls his pack of Marlboro
Lights out and they're sopping wet, of course. With a single word,
"Fuck!" he tosses the useless pack of wet tobacco in the trash barrel at the
curb for the trash collection. It makes me wonder about the money in
my pocket so I pull out about thirty dollars of wet paper money, which I
do not throw in the trash. Mike's like, "Let's get dry, the hell with a
cigarette." I lay the money on the porch chair so it'll start drying in the
sun, then head inside. As I walk through the front door Mike's coming
out of the bathroom with a towel, drying his head; he's completely
naked, saying something under the towel. I think it's, "Get out of those wet
clothes", but I can't take my eyes off his totally naked body. His
small pubic patch surrounds what looks like about a six an a half uncut
dick above nice, round balls. Everything's proportioned and just as
perfect looking as the rest of him. I'm still staring at him with my
lips parted when Mike pulls the towel down and sees me in almost a
hypnotized state, he nods his head like he's confirmed
something to himself, and says, "Richie, get out of those preteen sex ls wet clothes and I'll
let you suck my cock, preteen modeling pics but hurry before I change my mind." I go, "What?
Suck your cock? I'm not queer. I don't blow guys." "Just get out
of the wet clothes," is his quiet response. After hesitating another second, I pull my soaking wet T shirt over my
head and step out of my sandals. Almost in a trance I drop my
cargo shorts, realizing then that my dick's preteen video thumbs
half boned-up
pushing out the front of my wet boxer shorts. My face turns scarlet, as Mike
says, "Drop those boxers and get over here." That's what I did.
Standing in front of him naked, he says, "Whether you know it or not,
you've been wanting to suck my cock since the first minute you saw me and, like
I told you earlier today, I've come to like you a lot so as a favor
to you I'm going to let you do it. My girlfriends have sucked me off and
it's hot, but I can't help wondering if a guy can't do it better.
Obviously you're queer, or I'll say 'gay' if you prefer; whatever, you want my
dick foto nudi preteen
in your mouth, so here's my chance to find out who's better at
sucking cock, a guy or a girl... and, I can make preteens jacking off
you happy at the
same time." I'm slowly shaking my head, 'no' as my dick gets harder. Mike
continues, in a low conversational manner, "As you know, I'm totally
straight, but why shouldn't I take advantage of a mutually
agreeable situation between friend, right? And listen to this, Richie, it's
important... even though you're a homo, I don't judge. I still like
you best of all the guys. So what do ya think about that?!" What do I
think about it, indeed! Why fight it? Without further hesitation, I step
towards him, he smiles and says, "Good boy! How about a hug?" and our naked
bodies come together, me captured within his arms. The feel of his
bare skin against mine sends shivers all pre teen seduction
preteen real pics through me. The
smoothness and tightness of his body is a dreamy combination. I shudder, and as
he lightly kisses the side of my neck, he's mumbling, "I kiss you
because I know you want to be doujinshi preteen
kissed, and to say 'thanks' young preteen site for
sucking me off. After moving in with you I figured I better educated
myself about young preteen freegalleries
gays. preteen pedo gallery On line I read all about preteen sexy lists
what homos like and dislike and
I've even watched some reruns of that old show, "Queer
As Folk." As for straight guys like myself, while I'm tough, I'm also
open minded and compassionate too; plus, I feel for minorities of all types.
Hell, you didn't choose to be gay, so I'm willing to help out a
friend." As he's saying all this I happily stand still in his arms,
thinking, "me thinks he protests preteen underware pic too much!" and it is an impossible
rationalization on his part, but I sure as shit ain't gonna to do
anything that might slow up this fast moving awesome
development!Mike says, "Just for you, Richie," and he does slow kisses all over the side of
my face. Then he drags his tongue across my cheek and, topless preteen model finally, kisses me on
the lips. Let me tell ya, I've never in my life had a boner as hard as the ls preteen sites one I
have right now! It's pressed tight in between our taut bellies; I'm taking deep
breaths whenever I can, occasionally letting out a quiet moan of ecstasy. His
tongue enters my mouth and we French kissed till I'm dizzy. Kissing another boy
is something I've never even thought about until meeting Mike. As a matter of
fact, I'd only made out with girls three times in my life. On each occasion it
was at someone's birthday party and I can't say I liked it especially, but I
didn't think about it all that much either. I've certainly had very
little experience with kissing while Mike appears to know exactly what he's
doing. He rubs the hair up the back of my head, his fingers running through it
and then up to the top of my head leaving my hair in a wonderful mess. He rubs
my back and then both his hands cup my buns as he presses my crotch into his and
humps gently into me. I groan and moan feeling like I've left earth for another
place in space and time; where, I don't know, but I want to stay forever. My
rock hard naked boner, skin to skin next to Mike's, is leaking between us even
as Mike's hard, dry cock pokes at my belly button.To say it's surreal totally doesn't do it justice. The suddenness, the
unexpectedness, the lusciousness of this for me preteens naked models
is so far above any thrill I've
ever experienced it staggers me. Taking his lips away from mine, he says, in a
breathless voice, "Okay, Richie, get down on your knees before I change my
mind." I hesitate then; not sure what to do... is this another test? An
elaborate test... no, that's stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Mike pushes down on my
shoulders and nude preteens uncensored all of a sudden I'm on my knees in front of him and his hard cock
is right there in front of my face. He's got it in his hand tracing the head
across my forehead, 12yo pic preteen then down one side of my face and across my chin and up the
other side. Precum begins drooling as he moves it over my face and now leaving
a wet trail in it's path. Without thinking, my tongue comes out and Mike coos,
"Good boy, I'll give you a quick taste," and he wipes the wet head of his cock
on my tongue, then lays it there and slides it in all the way to the back of my
mouth. "Suck my cock, Richie!" Tentatively I tongued it's shaft, then put my
fingers around it close to his belly, my little finger against his blond bush,
and lick up and down the shaft, sucking on the fat head each time I get to it.
Mike gasps, and says, "Yes, good! More tongue... oooh yeah!" The truth is, I've
never had a dick hardcore preteen henti in my mouth before so I have no idea if I'm doing things
correctly, but I've already noticed a few things: for one, I like having Mike's
cock in my mouth. I like feeling it in my fist too, and feeling it grow and get
harder as I suck it, and I like his smell, his scent, which is stronger
here then smelling his pillow or smelling him when we wrestle. I like him
holding my head like he's doing, and I liked the feeling of being under his
control, doing what he tells me to do. I can feel his pre cum drooling into my
mouth and I like that too; there's nothing to do but swallow it, which I
surprise myself by doing without hesitation.After sucking Mike off for about five minutes, I begin stroking my own boner and
I do it in rhythm with my sucking and stroking of Mike's cock. His breathing
becomes short and fast, and all of a sudden, without warning, he pulls my hand
off his boner, grabs my head with both hands as his hips hump forward and his
hard boner pokes into my throat. He makes noisy breathing sounds fucking
my mouth and throat with fast deep strokes; the breathing sounds turn to grunts
and groans as if he's in pain. Tears stream down my face as my heart hammers in
my chest; it's frightening at first having my throat full of cock and unable to
breath, but I don't panic and soon learn to suck in air when he pulls back, then
relax my throat as he's driving his boner back down until pubic hairs surround
my nose and chin. I let go of my boner and hug around his thighs with both arms
to steady myself as Mike roughly fucks my face.
His's bizarre rationalization aside, it's possible Mike's using me strictly for
his pleasure and, weirdly, just thinking about that keeps my cock boned-up
hard. Mike's aroma, plus the feel of his legs in my arms, and his cock is in my
throat... it's so hot!! My boner's at it's full six inch status, throbbing and
dripping as Mike screeches out a sound, then does exaggerated grunts and gasps
followed by a rush of liquid flooding my throat. I panic for a second at that,
and then stupidly inhale which allows a lot of his cum to get sucked up into my
sinuses and then blown out in spraying strings from my nostrils; Mike's cum and
my mucus cover my upper lip, then slowly drools in rivulets around my mouth and
onto my chin. I'm choking and desperately trying for some oxygen as Mike's cock
comes out of my mouth entirely and a shot of creamy teen cum splatters against
my face, then a spurt hits the hair at the front of my head before Mike gets his
cock back in my mouth where I suck out drippings of his sweet tasting spunk.
His face was scrunched up and he made all kinds of stressed pleasure sounds as
he climaxed and it seemed Mike had totally forgotten me; I was merely a means
for his pleasure and with that thought in my head I stroke my boner tight and
fast, humping my hips and a long stream of cum shoots out feeling so good I
almost pass out, the first shot is quickly followed by another, and then
another. The feeling's so intense I'm still yanking on my cock trying for more
cum shots long after I've milked myself dry. boy video preteen It's so incredibly arousing
I grab Mike's cock again and suck it back into my mouth, he's like,
"Alright, for Christ sake, that's enough, let go of my dick! The damn thing's
too sensitive as it is. Let go of it, Richie!" I'm in a fog of pleasure, I go,
"Huh? What? Oh, oh yeah... sorry, Mike! I Ah ..that is..." Then I look down
and stupidly mumble, "Oh look at that; I spunked all over us Mike." He smirkes
at me, friendly like, and says, softly, "You're quite the cocksucker Richie.
You're my personal cocksucker hot preteens forum
from now on, that's for sure! You do know that
right?" I look up at him with my dumb look, and he asks, "Who's cocksucker are
you, Richie?" I stop pumping my softening boner, and manage, "Huh? Whaddaya
mean, Mike?" He's casually wiping cum dripping off my chin and then spreading it
around my face with the palm of his hand, saying, "It's really quite simple,
Richie; when I want my cock sucked, you get busy sucking it, which makes you my
personal cocksucker. That's not too hard to understand, is preteen top 101
it?" I wish I didn't
do this dumb-ass frowning thing with my face, but I do again anyway; it's like
this concept is beyond my ability to comprehend. He pats my cum-smeared cheek,
and says, "It's for your benefit too. You like sucking my cock, pretty preteen upskirts Richie; you
shot-off harder than I did! When there's no girlfriend to do it, like today,
you'll suck me off 'cause you're preteen boys image my personal cock-sucker. Now, who are you?"
He's beginning to underwear preteens nonude act frustrated, or maybe he's angry, but at who? At himself
maybe? I don't know. Mike repeats his question, "Who are you?" grabbing a
fistful of my hair and yanking it. Like a robot, I respond in a flat tone, "I'm
your personal cock sucker." "And what else, Richie?" I thought for a few
seconds, and add, "Oh yeah, like you said, preteen boyz board
I like it, Mike."
Mike smiles a real nice smile then, and says, "That's my good boy, Richie! And
you get a nice reward for accepting who you are." Sure, I've accepted who I am;
now preteen fashion galleries
who's turn is it to accept who they are? Needless to say, I keep that
observation to myself. Mike guides me up off my knees with a hand on the back
of my neck, then licks some of his cum off my lips before giving me a nice
kiss. When I coo and put my arms around his neck he gives me passionate kisses
for several minutes until both of us have semi-boners nuder preteen
again. He could
have continued all night as far as I'm concerned. Eventually, with his arm
across my shoulders, we preteens shy walk slowly back to my bedroom, while Mike asks, "How
long have you known you're gay, Richie?" I say, "I didn't ever think I was
until I met you, Mike." He chuckles and gives me another hug and a long wet
kiss. I understand that I'm gay for Mike, but again I gotta wonder... what about
him? I'm enjoying everything too much to argue about that point now though. Mike
has the right to believe what he wants; he's convinced he's a straight stud and
I think I'll leave it at that. This turn of events is too wonderful; I'm not
doing anything to screw it up! Done with making-out, Mike wants to talk. We
talk quietly about what we'd just done together, and as we talked about it the
realization hit me that I actually sucked his cock, it's a real life fact, and
I'm good with it. No remorse or guilty feelings; just the opposite, I feel alive
and happy and relaxed about who I am. We're leaning against the counter in the
kitchen as Mike quizzes me again about any previous gay experiences I've had,
but there simply aren't any to tell about, although I don't think he believes
me. He squeezes my shoulder and as we wander slowly through the family room Mike
decides he wants me to describe every detail of my cock sucking adventure with
him. He's especially interested in what I was thinking while I was doing it so I
describe it as best I can, but it all happened so fast I mostly hadn't been
thinking about anything tgp black preteen except what was happening from one second to the next.When we get to my bedroom Mike puts on boxer shorts, karina russian preteen but won't let me put
anything on. He kept guiding the conversation back to how much I liked gay sex
as if I've a lot of experience with it, and I keep insisting this is the first
gay sex I've ever had. Well, assuming we don't count the two times he jerked
me off; I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me mentioning that, so I don't. Mike
finally appears content that I'm being honest about never having russian preteen photography had gay sex
before this and he gets back to being real sweet. He drags me onto the bed and
we do some cuddling, me naked and Mike almost naked. No talking, just grinding
our bodies together with dueling boners. preteen hardcore rape
After ten minutes or so, Mike tells me
to pull his boxers down and suck his cock again. I do it and it goes pretty
much like the first time, except there isn't any hugging and kissing after this
one, and funny preteen model I didn't have an orgasm myself. Mike had a pretty good one though,
especially considering his first one exploded less then an hour ago. Apparently
Mike's satisfied his sexual urges by now, so he eliminated the kissing part,
which I miss. Getting up and pulling on a t-shirt, Mike says, "Oh, ya don't need
to worry about me telling the guys you're a cocksucker; I'll keep it a secret,
okay?" I mumble, "Yeah, thanks, Mike," but, at the same time I know damn well he
doesn't want the guys knowing he let another boy blow him either, just like he
doesn't want anyone to know he jerked me off on my front porch doing that
so-called 'test'. Just the same, I'm happy he won't tell, 'cause I wouldn't want
to have to face Tony if he knew. He kind of looks up to me and he'd sure as hell
stop doing that if he knew I was sucking cock. Later we ate sub sandwiches for
dinner, spent some time on the boardwalk, took separate showers and went to
sleep like nothing monumental had taken place today. It's my turn to sleep in
the bed and as I lay here going over this afternoons activities in my head, I'm
convinced that rainbow today was a signal my life was about to change and pthc preteen forbidden it
sure did. All in all, this is the best day of my life, so far!to be continued Donny Mumford
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