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From: Joe Nugent
Subject: MegaLottery #12 BeginningsIf you are under 18 and/or object to male to male sex leave nowAs John and I entered the dining room we noticed we had more people setted
for breakfast in lsmagazine model
fact five more.Alex dailymotion hot models
was the first to speak and introduced the teen models list new people as Chuck, Dave,
Eric and Frank the rest of my security staff and the last was Hank the Hunk
the contractor he used. We sat down as the boys carried out fresh coffee,
ice cold milk and orange and pineapple juice. They returned with fresh
biscuits and sweet rolls left again to come back again with bacon and
sausage trays and again with trays of fried potatoes and pancakes and then
Tommy and Steve entered with trays of scrambled eggs and sliced ham. The
boys again smiled and said the had helped Tommy and Steve by making the
biscuits and sweet rolls almost advanced model rocketry all by them selves pretty amateur model and grinned and looked
at Brad and said after we eat, we are ready to help you some more it was
fun yesterday.We all laughed, and russian model 10yo I told them they could as long as they did not bother
him. I then asked Alex for him to make time for John and I to meet with
the ls model girls
Brad and the rest of his crew as we had not had a chance to meet any youngvideomodels preview of
them ranger model 35a
yet. I turned nude children modeling
to Hank and ask if I could meet with porno top models him as floridaa teen model soon as he
and Alex decided what I would need to help secure the lodge area.Alex said after we all eat this breakfast none of us will be able to beautiful child models move
for at least till lunch and we all laughed and thanked the two chiefs for a
great breakfast. He than stated why nn model dark don't you and John talk with Hank when
we are done and calcium element model when I get done with some more checking I will meet you
back here and we can go over everything at one time.I liked him more all the time he was always thinking ahead and always
seemed to be looking out for dream models John and I and of course the family. By the
time we were finished the sun had broke through the clouds and it was
warming up nicely. The three of us John, Hank and I went out summer model teen into the front
porch of the lodge to talk and watch all the activity of Alex and Brad's
crew. prettens topmodels As we sat down Hank asked if he could take off his shirt as he was
hot. Well as Hank took off his shirt he had a wife beater on under and as
he stretched girl models undressed to remove his over europe nn models shirt we both could see why they teased him
and called him Hank the Hunk. This guy put the Greek Gods to shame. He
must modelmayhem bondage have been 6' 3" tall, had white blond hair slightly long but models hogtied well
kept, vivid blue eyes, a chest to die for with a light covering of pale
blond hair showing, it looked like a 29 to 30" waist massive legs and as he
turned around teen bikini model
to put the shirt on back of the chair a great but and when he
turned back his legs crossed and his package more then matched the rest of
his body. John and nude soccer models I smiled, as we all sat Steve came out nude wheelchair models with a tray and
set it down and said if we wanted more coffee just to yell and left us
alone. I child models upskirt asked him to give us a brief run down on his qualifications.Well he said I met Alex while we going to college, we dated a bit but ended
up being best of friends. He was studying Law Enforcement and wanted to
become a State Trooper but when they found out he was gay they turned him
down. I was studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, I loved
anything electrical and really xxx little models
teeny asian model
wanted to be a General Contractor and build
higher priced homes and office buildings. After school John and Brad
started Security Inc. teen model stes and hired me to do all their wiring models dark ls for the firm and
I did wiring for other contractors and have built a couple smaller homes
and here I am.Do vivien teen model
you have a partner now, John asked, No he answered that he had, but he
left for former ls model New York six months ago could not non nude supermodels
stand to be here any longer
claimed it was just too boring, it was OK because I felt he was cheating on
me behind my back. So hot littlemodels I am single and can do anything someone hires me
for.John looked atlantic models
at me ( I smiled and nodded) John then asked; Hank would you
consider torrent mona model coming to work for us full time starting right now doing all the
wiring model nude swedish Alex needs and then help us design and then be the general
contractor and over seeing for the house we would like to build here. I am
sure the house, outbuildings, the barn and stables, model angel nn
the boat house and dock
on Lake Cody will take you a bit to complete, and I would love a water fall
if you can.This was the first time John had actually hired any one and he was standing
he was so excited, I had also stood to give him support. Hank stood and
rushed top model
over to us and grabbed us both into a three way hug and kissed us
both. We were both excited and on the way to full erections, Hank looked
down rubbed them both and said any time you two want a three way I am preteeen model asia more
than interested and not just because you hired me but cause you are just
both such damn nice and good looking to boot. John and I looked down and
we saw Hank was excited as we were and we reached out together to feel his
cock and both stroked it a little till we heard someone clear their throat,
it was Alex coming back to join us. We all sat down poured younfg models
some coffee and
Alex asks Hank if he was ready teen supermodels nude to start working.Hank looked at Alex and said I am sorry I can't, I have another job, child models vagina Alex
looked hurt and confused, Hank smiled and said he now worked full time for
us and laughed. We all joined him and Alex says I will get you nonnude models cute
that. Now let's get busy; John interrupted to ask about sleeping
arrangements for everyone. I said well I think for now I daphne nude youngvideomodels
think Chuck and
Dave and can sleep in the second bedroom in the main house next to Tommy
and Steve and Cody can bunk with Greg if it is Ok with Russ.Eric and Frank
and use the seconf room in Alex and Brad's cabin. I looked at John and
said that just leaves Hanks he will have to use your room and you are stuck
with me. John just smiled and kissed child modelling diaper me.Hank looked confused and we stated well so pia model far everyone is staying here
full time and if you models brook are going to be here for the long run we hope you are
too. If you want you could also use the mobile home to live in for a while
it is up to pedo porn models
you.Hank said well I will seventeen models nude have to make several trips into town to get all the
stuff I will need and settle up with my landlord but yes I will stay for
the long run.Alex and Hank left, John was a little quite so I asked what was bothering
him, He stated he felt funny having played Hank lil amber model
like that, I said well I
played too; didn't asian porn model you ever dream of a three way. He smiled and boiler asset model kissed me
and smiled and said he thought maybe someday we could if Hank was willing
also. Hank left shortly after to make his first trip back to Knoxville for
supplies and find a couple workmen to install the bullet proof glass in the
walkways Alex had one of his men went with him. Tommy and Steve also left
to get more groceries stating we need almost every thing again. I gave him
some money and suggested that he should see if he could get someone to come
out once a week and stock nonude girl models
the walk-in freezer and the pantry. green teen model He thought
he could maybe call in a order and have it delivered the next day, Alex
also sent a man with them. We preeteen models nonude
asked if he could spare a man as John and I
wanted to take one of the ATV's and ride around some more allen curtis models
and look for a
site for the house. He stated he had one guy setting up the control
monitors for the cameras and one was just sort of watching over the boys
who were watching a movie with Russ. But he and Brad would love to go with
us. Alex made sure everyone had the cell phones and that they were on indian sex models and
we left.It was a great time just the four of us, Alex and Brad in front and John
and free sandramodel pics I in back, After a while I noticed both couples were holding hands just
chatting with each other. We just rode around having no place to really
go. We finally stopped on the top of a chloe model
large rise almost a hill preeten models gils and got
out to stretch our legs. We looked around and found you could see for
miles in all directions. At the bottom of the mound on the back side was
one of the art model movie
rivers/streams that ran though the property coming from the top
of a second but smaller hill. Alex and Brad started talking to each other
and we walked over to listen.What's up you two you boat lobster model
seem quite kacy model galleries excited about something John asked?Brad spoke first this place would be proto model 6020a perfect spot for a house, with hidden
security cameras, you could see anyone coming at least twenty to thirty
minutes before they got to the house. Alex joined him and if btm teen models you dug
around the side and front you could have the stream surround the young model cunt entire
mound and would have to cross a bridge to get modelmayhme com to the house. tabitha teen model
We could also
dig down and put in a couple sub floors in the house as shelters and to
house the security equipment. About that nigerian nude models time Hank called to say he was
back nude ls model
and we asked him to come out to join us prteen models dreems and look at the mound.Using the GPS on his cell phone was here in about 20 minutes; he approached
from the back side and came to the top. As Hank and model toplist gallery his security man got
out we explained what we wanted him to see. Hank looked at things in a
construction mode and just walked tight little models around and then asked us to follow him
the hill the water was coming from. We all went over to the hill and
followed him around like puppy dogs asking what he was doing after a few
minutes we climbed towards the top of the hill and he shouted YES.Hank walked over towards the two of us and young hardcore models very seriously asked if we were
charmed or what. He then stated he would have to have testing done but he
was sure that the base of the hill was solid bedrock which if it was also
under the mound modelle escort berlin it make a perfect foundation and the water in teen swimsuite models
the stream
came out of a large crack in the top of the bed rock and he was pretty sure
he could do some blasting and make John his waterfall right near the house.We both hugged him and I said hire who ever you need and get the testing
done and get my man his waterfall. We all went back to the lodge, Tommy
and Steve were just getting nude body models back and we all helped unload the supplies.
Tommy told us he had stopped at his old catering firm and had hired them to
take care of all the supplies for the kitchen and any model sex child other household
supplies we would need. He was to call on Wednesday and they would deliver
early Friday morning. We then unloaded Hanks truck and he told us the
Bulletproof Glass would be here the day after tomorrow and he had four guys
coming tomorrow morning the get the screen out and the openings ready to
receive the glass. Alex told him he could also use some of his men seeing
as soon microsoft data model as it was in it would make things a lot easier for him also.Tommy and Steve came out and announced Lunch was ready. We went in and
found the plump teen models table full of breads, lunch meats and cheeses potato salad and
baked beans pitchers of Ice tea, lemonade, and several different kinds of
soda. He explained they had made the salad before they left and the beans
had been slow cooking while they were gone and they just threw the other
stuff on the trays. While we ate we naked childs models planned, Alex and crew were going to
very busy for the next couple days installing and fine tuning the rest of
the security system and Russ had volunteered to help them bikini models wanted
as much as he
could, Alex had also asked the kids to assist his korean teen model
men running for supplies
and holding items for them. Tommy and Steve would keep themselves busy
cooking for us and also said they would help any time they were free. Hank
would be busy making arrangements for all the inspectors and site
construction and starting to plan the buildings and had ask John and I to
stay as free as possible for him to clear anything he need imageport teen model to know. He
asked if maybe we thought it better for him to use the mobile home as he
could use part of it as an office. Alex nixed that as the mobile home as
not as secure as the buildings were. We said girl model adult use the great poland model
room in the
main lodge, that afmodelmichaelbond way we can sit and listen and watch all that is going on.
Everyone had jobs to do and all took off.I grabbed John and we went back to our room lalana model links and got little puffies model
undressed and laid on
the bed, in a matter 3ds max models of minutes we were in a 69 position and top50 model photography were sucking
each others cock, I started to also play with his balls and he did with
mine. Shortly I was also playing with his ass and he with mine. His
finger entered me first montana model preten
and found my prostate and he felt my balls contract
towards sex models pic my body. I quickly did the same and in minutes we were on the
verge chemel flora model of Cumming. uderwear models xxx I gay sex models
was about to ask him to slow down when he pressed the
magic spot one more time and I shot my load into his mouth. As my cum hit
the back of his throat he shot his into mine. He turned around and we
hugged and dozed off. I awoke a while later to find Hank ls models photos covering us and
he kissed both of us on the foreheads and said get some more sleep but you
looked so beautiful together I could not help myself but I did want to
cover you autocad models incase the kids came by. I woke later to find John playing with
my nipples we hugged and he said he had had a dream that Hank kissed him.
I told him he had kissed us both and covered us and what he had said. We
looked at each other and smiled, I said I think Hank would love a three way
if we let him.To be continuedJoe skinny model pics
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