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From: Tim Foure
Subject: "Me and Dad, part 19" (M/t) (incest)Me and Dad, part 19
by Tim FoureIf you are under 18 lolipop girl or not permitted access to homosexual erotica where you
live, then you should not read this story. The other usual disclaimers too.___________When I woke up on Christmas morning, Jerry was in bed with me again. I
didn't even remember him waking me during the night. Perhaps he hadn't even
tried, but just crawled teen loli galleries in with me since I had let him the night
before. And again my leg was numb where he had cut off the circulation to
it. I also had my usual morning hardon, and he was on top of me enough that
his preteen loli bbs
leg was laying across it, increasing the pressure on my bladder. I got
myself out from under him without waking bbs lolitta dream
him and went to relieve myself. I
noticed in the bathroom that I had a red mark on my chest above my nipple
where he had pressed his mouth both nights. It wasn't sore, but it was
certainly red. I guessed that he sucked on my skin there while he slept.As I was coming back into the room, Bill came in the hall door. He started
at seeing me, apparently expecting me to be asleep. He looked
embarrassed. I smiled at him tits sexy young loli and said good morning. He smiled back,
sheepishly, and said good morning as well.Then he continued, "I thought they'd be up by now."I had decided before I went to sleep that seeing him jerk off was just as
hot for me as watching me had been for him. I wasn't angry about it any
more either. If anything, I had decided that I liked it. So I said,
"Listen, I'm cool with last night."He looked a little surprised. "Really?""Really," I said. "I don't have a problem with it at all, ok?""It's loli forum list
definitely ok with me," he replied. He looked greatly relieved.He lifted Jerry out of my bunk and started talking to him quietly. Jerry
wrapped his arms and legs around his father almost in a reflex
reaction. Next he shook the intermingled twins, who woke up simultaneously
and leaped out of bed, yelling, "It's Christmas!" over and over. They
would have run out of the bunk room naked if Bill hadn't had his hand
against the door, keeping them from opening it. "Put loli bbs sven your pajamas on
first!" he said. Two minutes later they ran out in their pajamas, still
yelling. That ended sleep for everyone in the house.When I had gotten some clothes on and went downstairs, I saw the usual
Christmas morning tableau of a circle of children surrounding the tree
waiting to leap on the pile of packages surrounded by a circle of adults
holding coffee cups. Always before I had been in there with the kids, but
this year I hung back with the adults. Tony was the last one to arrive, his
arrival signaling the start of the orgy of lolicon mpg free ribbon pulling and paper
shredding. At Grandfather's insistence, thanks from the kids always took
the form of notes written after Christmas, so the satisfaction of the
children's greed was not marred by lolil lust any need on their part to recognize the
existence of the agency which had provided a particular gift.Because Pat was the youngest grandchild, he opened the first present and
was practically knocked over by the surprise emergence of the puppy. I
heard Sue ask Grandmother where the puppy had come from since she hadn't
seen it when they wrapped packages the day before. Grandmother told her she
had just closed the box five minutes before loli bdsm the children had started coming
down the stairs. pthc loli forum We discovered later that she had gotten up during the
night to check on the puppy in its bed in the garage, and because it had
looked lonely, she had ended up spending the last half of the night sitting
in the kitchen with the puppy asleep in her lap.Grandfather watched boys loli with a look of keen anticipation on his face greater
than that of the children themselves as they dug furiously through
wrappings lolia sex pics
in hopes of finding just the gift they had wanted. When Pat
discovered the puppy in adolescent lolitta sex
the first package, I saw an evil glint develop in
Grandfather's eye as he waited to see his plan to separate the twins come
to fruition. But his hopes free asian loli were dashed when Pat immediately handed the
puppy to Pete and asked him what they would call it. When Pete replied
"Roger", Grandfather asked Pat if he wouldn't rather name the puppy
himself. Pat looked at him as if he were crazy and said, "His name's
Roger." Grandfather sank back in his chair, temporarily defeated, and the
twins teen lolicon links naturalized a third citizen into their private little world. It was
certain that Roger would never be lonely again.Once the children had assured themselves that there was no more loot to be
had, they loli cp pedo nude vacated the area around the tree and the adults moved in to
parcel lolicon lesbians out nudist teens lolipop
the remaining gifts. The adults thanked each other on the spot
for the gifts they received. I did the same, except in the case of
Grandfather's and Grandmother's gift. I thanked Grandmother and hugged her,
the first time I think I had ever done that. She was flustered by it, but
seemed pleased. My mom chimed in at that point telling Grandfather how much
I liked it, whatever it was.Having separated myself from the children by my behavior, I found that my
perspective had changed as well. I had loli erotica models never noticed it before, but each of
the children had staked out a part of the room in which they had piled
their gifts. Pete and Pat, of course, had only one pile between them. But
all the children lolicon xxx virgin bilder
then guarded their piles the way a broody hen guards her
eggs. I was almost embarrassed to realize that I had had my own pile the
year before.Grandmother went to start Christmas breakfast, called that by tradition but
seldom served before lolits 14yo midday. No doubt thinking lolit bbs free of her carpets, she somehow
managed to keep one eye on the puppy while she organized her workers in the
preparation of the meal. At one point she told Pete that he probably ought
to take Roger outside so he could do his business, only to porn preteen loli
be told in
return that they had just come back in. It turned out that Pete could tell
when Roger needed to go, even before the urge had struck Roger himself. It
became even more uncanny when the adults began to notice lolicon pedo clips that Roger did his
business, whichever it happened to be, as soon as Pete took him girl loli cp out the
door. This information spread among loli tgp
the adults, who were so amazed that
they began a pool on the day and time at which Roger would have his first
accident.While breakfast was being prepared, everyone cycled through the bathrooms
and reappeared presentably clothed and without the pillow perms loli kds porn
they had
had earlier. Even the kids were driven off their nest-like piles of booty
and made to go dress themselves or, in underage loli pedo the case of the twins, be dressed by
their father. It was, as it had been every year, a suspicious and watchful
band of kids that was herded up the stairs, each child certain that someone
would raid his hoard of gifts while he was gone.During breakfast Grandfather suffered his second serious defeat of the
holiday. Pat placed Roger's bowl on the floor at the corner of the
children's table between himself and Pete. When Grandfather saw it, he told
Pat that the dog would have to eat in the garage.Pete moved between Pat and Grandfather and said, "That's Roger."Grandfather said, clearly annoyed, "I know what the dog's name is. Dogs
don't eat in the house."Completely unperturbed, Pete said, "That's Roger. He eats here," pointing
to the spot where he had placed the bowl.Grandfather then made the mistake of trying to bypass Pete and give the
order directly to Pat. "Pat, take your dog to the garage while we have
breakfast."Pat looked at teen loli stories Grandfather over Pete's shoulder while Pete said again,
"That's Roger. He eats here."As if to emphasize that Grandfather had overstepped his bounds lolicon video by speaking
directly to Pat after Pete had already given him the answer, little loliza porno movie
Pete frowned
at Grandfather and then moved so that Pat was completely behind him. Pete
also put his hand back onto Pat's hip, as if he were protecting him. Then
he just stared at Grandfather, whose face had begun to turn red.Having had no success free lolia bbs pics with the twins, Grandfather directed his attention
toward Roger, who was sitting in the undignified position that puppies
always assume and staring at each speaker in turn. "Come here, you!" he
said.Roger's ears lifted, leaving only the points flopped over. He stared at
Grandfather, holding his head to one side in the way that dogs do when they
seem to be trying to understand what a human has said. No one, and most of
the adults were now watching, no one expected the eight-week-old puppy to
obey Grandfather. And of course he didn't. This angered Grandfather even
more. He grabbed for the puppy.What happened next did so with the coordinated smoothness of long practice
even though Roger and the twins had come into contact for the first time
scarcely young loli nn models two hours earlier. Roger jumped teens lolit pics
just as Grandfather's hand was
about to close around his neck and bit Grandfather on the fleshy part of
his hand between the thumb and index finger. At the same time Pete wrapped
both arms and legs around bbs image cp loli one of Grandfather's calves and Pat did the same
on the other. The twins then sank their teeth into Grandfather's
knees. Down he went with a thud.The three defenders scrambled away, forming a tight, watchful group on the
other side of the kitchen from where Grandfather was lying on the
floor. Grandmother and Tony rushed to Grandfather's aid, helping him up
from the floor. He was very red in the face and so angry that he couldn't
speak coherently. It was immediately clear that none of the bites had
broken the skin. Nevertheless, Grandmother took him out of the kitchen to
"put something on these wounds."As they passed Bill, Grandfather regained the power of speech just in time
to berate him for the "unruliness of your lolicon 3d forum two brats." Then he was gone,
surrounded by a gaggle of well-wishers.I looked at Bill and smiled, saying, "Now I betcha he thinks the puppy was
a bad idea."Bill smiled back, "Yeah. I'm beginning to be real fond of Roger."Pete and Pat, the disturbance over, took their places at the children's
table and waited for their breakfast. Roger, of course, was on the floor
between them, in the spot where he ate all of his meals for the rest of
that holiday.After breakfast, the adults, a group in which I now included myself, sat
around talking and pedo loli shock pics
watching tv loli teen beach free while the kids focused their sex young virgin lolit attention on
their gifts. It amazed me that Sue and Melissa could be just as absorbed in
holding up their gifts of clothing and imagining what they would look like
wearing them as Jerry could be in playing with his toys. Pete, Pat, and
Roger ran back and forth through the house periodically, involved in some
sort of game which they appeared to understand intuitively and which no one
else could even begin to fathom. Grandfather watched and brooded. Efforts
were made to rekindle his Christmas cheer, with eventual success.In the middle of the afternoon I called my dad at my grandparents' house
since I knew he would be there. I wished him and Gramom and Granpop Merry
Christmas and told them what I had gotten. Dad told me we would have
Christmas again with them when I russian loli pussy was staying with him.After the call I went back into the family room. Bill seemed to seek out my
company, as he had the day before. We made the same sorts of conversation
everyone else was making, talking about nothing in small naked loli
particular. Then all of
the women moved into the kitchen to help Grandmother fix Christmas
dinner. Sue and Melissa, though technically not women, went with
them. Grandfather went up to his room for a nap, and Tony, not having
Grandfather there to brown-nose and not liking either me or Bill well
enough to waste his time on us, disappeared to no one cared where. petite lolitta nu Bill
and I watched preteens lolis the boys playing on the floor in front of the Christmas tree.After a while Bill said to me, "I want to apologize again for watching you
last night." He was speaking quietly, so we wouldn't attract the boys'
attention, but he wasn't whispering."I'm ok now, you just surprised me is all," I replied in the same quiet
voice. "I didn't hear you come in.""You wouldn't have heard a bomb go off. You looked so completely wrapped up
in what you were doing!""Yeah, I was really into it," I said sheepishly."I've never even seen any porn that was as hot as that," he said."Glad you liked it," free loli underage porn I said."Then when your first shot landed by my foot, I couldn't stand it any
more.""I been working on increasing my range," I said, with a smile that said I
was only half serious."You did damn good for a guy your age.""So did you," I said.He laughed. "Well, I wasn't trying for range. I just had to get off as fast
as I could.""Looked to me like you did. What'd it take you, like 20 seconds?" I asked."Years of practice. When I was a teenager, I could do it 12yo txt loli
in less time than
that. Always afraid the old man would japanese loli forum catch me. So it was the quicker, the
better.""I would've hated that," I said."Me too. rowena loli Can't begin to imagine what he tgp movie loli would have said if he ever caught
me. But it wouldn't've been pleasant.""I can't believe we're talking about this," I said."After last night, we have a secret. Now we got to stick together. You seem
like you really grew up a teen sex loli lot this year.""Thanks." I didn't know what else to say."No, I mean it. I russian child loli pics meant it as a compliment. You remind me of your dad.""Thanks a lot. I do really mean that," I said."I think your dad's quite a guy.""Me too. He told me he thought you were too," I said."Really? I didn't know what he thought of me. He has lots of reasons not to
think anything good.""Maybe. But he knows what Grandfather's like too.""You really do have brass balls, ya know, staring cp loli bbs him down like that last
night," he said."Looks like they're running in the family this year. Pete did a pretty good
job on him this morning.""He'd loli teen galleries of killed me if I stood up to virgin lolipop girls him like that.""He's already hit me once. He knows he better not do it again," I said."Yeah, I heard about that," he said."I think everybody did. Seems like it anyhow. Maybe he hardcore loli sites
learned he better
not be hitting people in case somebody bigger hits him back."Grandfather returned at that point, cutting pedo loli bbs pics off our conversation. Tony
appeared suddenly too and followed him into the room. bdsm young teen lolits It occurred to me as
I watched him sidle lolity young up to Grandfather that even Roger, puppy that he was,
had more dignity when he was looking for attention from Pete and Pat.Dinner was the usual table-groaner. loli teen japan It was generally agreed as we finished
with dessert that anyone who could still breathe hadn't eaten their fair
share. I pitied Grandmother with all the dishes to wash, so I offered to
help. But I was told that the women could take care of it and it wasn't a
man's job. Sue and Melissa were, as usual, not russia video loli
as interested in being
considered women now as they had been earlier in the day. So the males,
adult and child, retired to the family room to watch the fire and vegetate
until the mess was cleaned up in the kitchen.Jerry, Pete, Pat, and Roger recovered more quickly than the rest of us and
began playing. Grandfather and Tony agreed on their shared opinions, this
being what they did in place of normal conversation. Bill and I watched his
boys play, lulled by the doxology-like drone of Grandfather spouting an
opinion and Tony asserting the rightness of it in formulaic
fashion. Eventually the women joined us too, and the tv was turned on so we
could watch the Christmas night specials.When the kids began to lolitta 101
fade, Bill gathered up his brood and headed them
toward the stairs. He asked me over his shoulder if I felt like giving him
a hand with them again tonight, and I decided I would. We had to wait while
Pete took Roger out one last russian loli toplist time. Grandfather bestirred himself enough to
announce that dogs usually slept in the garage. Pete told him, "Roger
sleeps with us." There was no further discussion.I had begun to decide that Roger was a very strange puppy indeed. Instead
of sleeping the undisturbable, boneless sleep that all puppies sleep, he
seemed to sleep with one eye open. All day I noticed that he fell asleep
immediately when Pete and Pat stopped moving, but the second they did move,
he was up and moving with them. He also seemed to watch whatever was
happening around him until he understood it well enough to
participate. loli cp kds tgp This happened again while Bill was bathing the boys.As we herded the three boys into the shower room, Roger loli kon went and sat in the
corner at the opposite end from the showers and watched intently as Bill
bathed Jerry. At first I thought Roger was just pre nympho loli fuck
trying to avoid getting
wet, puppies being like little boys in their natural enmity to soap and
water. When Jerry was handed off to me to be dried and Pat replaced him
under the shower, I noticed that Roger divided his attention between the
two of them. The surprise came when I started to dry Pat. Roger top loli incest
came over
to help. He set about drying Pat's legs and feet with his all- purpose
tongue. Pat accepted this as only natural, as if it had happened just this
way all of his child model com loli
life."Should I russian loli bbs imageboard
make him stop?" I asked Bill, whose hand hardcore loli porn was poised in mid air,
ready to begin lathering Pete but frozen in surprise over what Roger was up
to."No, guess not," he said as he began to wash Pete. "He'll get tired of it
soon."But he didn't. Instead, having finished drying the lower part of Pat's
legs, he stood up on his hind feet, placed his front paws on Pat's legs,
and began licking Pat's genitals. Again, Pat acted as if this were
perfectly normal."How about now?" I asked, almost laughing.Bill bbs lolia was on the verge of laughter too. "I'd sure like somebody to do that
to me!" he said, giving in to the laughter."No lie!" I said, laughing too.Roger went on unconcernedly but thoroughly drying Pat's little penis and
ball sac. Since I had dried the rest of him, and since Roger seemed
satisfied that I had done an adequate job, he sat on the floor when he was
finished, obviously waiting to go to work on Pete."That's amazing!" I said."Yeah, sure is!" Bill said.I noticed that Bill's dick was a little longer than it had been when he was
bathing the boys the night before.When Bill passed Pete to me, I began drying his head and back while Roger
started on his feet. It ended just the same pearl loli way, with Roger drying his
penis and balls. Bill watched the whole time, not getting under the shower
himself."I've never seen anything like tgp banned loli that," he said, shaking his head.He dried himself and put on his bathrobe, leaving his pajama pants hanging
on the hook. Then he said, "I'll need to get a shower too after I get these
guys in bed, ok?""Yeah, I'm going to get cleaned up too," I replied. I got hard as he was
saying that, thinking about the talk we had had during the afternoon and
anticipating at least a good look at Bill's dick when it was fully hard.After he had taken the boys into the bunk room and closed the door, I
stripped my clothes off and got under the shower. The water felt good
beating on my hardon. In a few minutes I started lathering myself up
slowly, knowing he would be a little while getting the boys settled. I new bbs loli board
washing my hair and had my eyes closed to keep the soap from running into
them when I felt hands slide across my lolitta sexy galleri hipbones to cup my balls and grasp
my dick. I also felt a dick slide up my back as a belly was pressed against
me, trapping that dick in between."Ok if I do that?" Bill asked."Yeah, but I want to get the soap off my face."Instead of answering me, Bill maneuvered us both under the shower spray. My
hands were free, so I worked the soap out of loliteen video
my hair and made sure that
there wasn't any residue around my eyes to burn them. Bill massaged my
balls gently and jerked incest hentai lolicon my dick.I reached behind me, trying for a feel of his dick, but able to touch only
the sides of his legs and his butt. I said, "I want to feel yours too."With that, Bill let go of me and turned around, so I pressed my dick up
against his legs and slid my hands around to take hold of his dick and
balls. I was surprised how big his dick actually was when I touched it. It
may have been half again as thick as my dad's and it was definitely longer.
The skin on it was stretched tight by the circumcision, even tighter than
mine. His balls were proportionately larger too, hanging looser than any I
had felt before, and surprisingly hairless."Your balls are like mine," I said. "No hair.""I shave 'em," he said.That was a possibility I had never even considered. My interest was in
acquiring body hair, not removing it. "How come?" I asked."Makes 'em more sensitive," he told me.Then I remembered my dad telling me that that was an advantage of my own
balls still being hairless. I began to drag my fingertips lightly over his,
using the water running down his body as lubrication."Oh, yeah!" he said.I had been holding his loli naked bbs dick, trying to memorize the feel of it. I began to
jerk it slowly with a loose hand.As I did that, he began rubbing his butt back and forth against me. He
meant to rub my dick with it, but he was so much taller than me that it was
rubbing across my belly and not touching my dick at all. He even tried
lowering himself by spreading his feet apart, young loli photos
loli blog 14yo
but that bbs loli top portal made it harder for
him to move his butt, and it didn't work either."Lemme be Roger for a while," he said.I didn't understand what he meant at first. I caught on when he got on his
knees in front of me and began licking my dick and balls. He was also
kneading my butt with both of his hands. Since I was already free pic nude loli
good and hot,
it was almost more than I lolit mpeg could stand. I held out as long as I could and
then said, "I'll shoot if you don't stop.""I got a little more time," free lolitta stories he said as he stood up.I got on my knees and did the same thing to him. His dick filled my mouth
completely, making it impossible porn little loli sex
for me to use my tongue. I had to keep one
hand wrapped around the base of it to keep it from going in too mermaidens loli far, so I
only hand one hand to use on his butt. The muscle was big and round and
firm, the result of years of daily jogging.When I realized all I could do with his dick was slide it in and out of my
mouth, I went back to licking it and his balls while jerking the loli porn bbs top bottom
half of his dick. He began to loli porno movies rub my head while I was licking him.A few minutes young pre video loli later he told me to stand up. He went down on his knees again
and started sucking my dick. This time it was clear he meant for me to
cum. He was jerking his own dick at the same time."Wait," I said. "I'll suck yours after I cum.""Nah, it's too big, you'll just have trouble with it," he said."Then let me jerk you off," I said. "I really want loli pic free naked to.""Ok, but we have to finish up quick. I been in here too long already."He proceeded to suck me off. I came quickly. I was barely done porn lolipop shooting
when he let go of my dick and stood up. I dropped to my knees and started
sucking the head of his dick hard while jerking the shaft."Oh, yeah!" he said.I kept it little loli nymphets
up until he came, which didn't take long. He shot a loli teen
lot of
cum. The little lolitta gallery first shot hit me in the throat with some force, the same force
that had propelled it across the shower room the night before. I had to
fight the urge to gag lolitta young girl
and then I was alright.As soon as he was done shooting, he pulled his dick out of my
mouth. "Thanks," he said. "That was great! But I gotta go!"He grabbed a towel and began drying himself off in a hurry. I got up and
walked with him. I had never loli pretens done it like this before, where it was over so
suddenly. Even Chris and I liked to sven place loli bbs make the afterglow last as long as
possible While he underage home loli was pulling on his pajama pants, I noticed that he had
brought one of the straight chairs from the bunk room and wedged it under
the door handle. It was then that I realized that the bathroom door didn't
have a lock on it. I hadn't given any thought to the boys coming in on us,
but he had. He pulled the chair out from under the handle and said good
night as he left.I went back to the shower and finished lathering myself, having gotten only
half of a shower before he came back. I ended up jerking off again too
because I hadn't gotten the usual feeling loli little girl
of satisfaction which I now
expected from sex in our quick exchange of blow jobs.As I was putting away my dirty clothes in the bunk room, I noticed that
Roger was sleeping on top of the twins with his nose tucked under one
twin's ear and the other twin's arm laying possessively across him. True to
form, the twins had already shed their pajamas. I looked loli bbs dark to see if Jerry
was awake, but he was peacefully asleep too. I pulled on adult flash games lolicon my clean boxers
and slid into my bunk. Within minutes I was also asleep.
To be continued.
Comments appreciated. Send them to Flames ignored.

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