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From: R Ranger
Subject: Marine Home On Leave Part III Chapter 57Warning! This story is sexually explicit, if you are not of legal age to
read such or are preteen free nonude offended by this type of erotic writing do not read any
further. This part of the story will be about Ronny's new life after the
Corps, rehabilitation and Jason.To contact the top preteen nacked
author cut and paste making appropriate corrections and
E-mail: bn2rumpranger preteen girl webcams "at" yahoo "dot" com Subject line: Marine Home on
Marine Home on Leave
By Randall Rumper
Part III
Ronny's New Life
Chapter 57: Awakening"WAKEUP MR. DRIVER WAKEUP!"Experiencing rossian preteen porn a pounding sensation inside his skull and a dry mouth Ronny
Driver modles preteen panties was hearing a loud but nasty preteen girl
familiar voice along with a hand gently
patting nonude preteen pictures his cheeks, requesting him to wakeup. "Come on Marine time to
wakeup and take preteen film sex your medication."The Marine slowly began opening his eyes preteen flower girl
as he felt the head of his bed
moving into an upright position. When the bed stopped moving naked preteen ped
preteen sexual at about a
forty-five degree angle preteen bikini hot
his eyes became more focused. Ronny could see a
familiar looking doctor dressed in a fresh white lab coat with stethoscope
hanging from his neck standing next to his bed. The doctor said again in a
more cheerful voice. "Wakeup Marine it's time to take your medication.""Doctor Thorn!" Ronny anal preteen party Driver exclaimed in a state of bewilderment, looking
at the handsome Asian doctor.The medically retired Marine illegal preteen portals
couldn't figure out how photographs of preteens his russian preteen board lover had gotten
dressed in his white smock when only crazy preteen galleries
a few minutes prior they'd been
enjoying breakfast preteen picture models with his mom and dad. The Marine tried to reach out to
accept the small white paper cup containing the medication in the doctor's
hand but couldn't. He web free preteen couldn't lift his hands to accept the cup. He looked
down at his arms and hands. They were still attached and his fingers were
moving, but his wrists were in leather restraints."Open preteen hard gallery your mouth," The Asian doctor ordered.The Marine opened his mouth instinctively. The doctor pushed the nude preteens sleeping cup to
Ronny's lips emptying the naked girls preteen container into his mouth. The preteen indian
patient accepted
the pills from the cup. Then the doctor held a flexible straw to the
Ronny's lips so he could take a drink of water to rose model preteen wash the pills
down. "Drink as much as you want. You need plenty of fluids."Once Ronny had taken in a sufficient amount of water he released the
plastic straw from his lips and asked in an irritated voice. "Why are my
arms tied down to the bedrails like some prisoner?""It's for preteenie bikini girls russianvirgins preteen
your safety and ours Marine. You're a pretty strong individual,
Ronny.""Where am I?" Ronny asked looking around the room."You're in a locked facility at the Topeka VA Medical Center. You know preteenz daddy me
I'm your neurologist Dr. Thorn; however, this gentleman is one of my
bosses, Dr. Charles Cutting, head of Psychiatry." Doctor drunk preteen sex
Thorn said
motioning to tanya preteen model the taller older gentleman standing at the foot illegal preteen sex of the bed
holding an aluminum clipboard in his hands."Okay, but why am I here and my hands tied down? I've got a job and school
I need to get back to," Ronny replied."Not lately, but that's a positive sign you are regaining your preteen katya galleries cognitive
abilities Corporal. You been through a lot lately," the older doctor said,
"Briefly, tell hairy pussy preteens
me what you remember Corporal?""About what?""Start with what you remember about how you were injured in Afghanistan and
then go forward from there.""Best I remember I was thrown from a helicopter. The chopper crashed xxx preteen pussy
came to rest on top of me. I guess I got fucked up pretty bad, `cause from
there I was medevaced out to the in-country hospital and from there I was
airlifted to Germany preteenmodel galleries where they operated on me and put on the first
casts. From there I was transported to the Navy Marine Hospital in Maryland
for more operations and new casts. Then after a few weeks they sent me to
the VA facility closest to my home in Missouri."That's good," the older doctor said, "Your long-term memory appears to be
intact. So, what else do you remember?""After a time at the VA hospital I was sent home with my arms still in a
big old cast the covered my arms and chest. My leg was also in a cast. I
remember that I was in a lot video preteen xxx of pain.""What else can you tell fresh preteen licking us?""If puberty preteen pedo memory serves me black preteen pussies after I got home I lived in a makeshift hospital room
where preteens xxx toplist my family, especially my mom and a part-time male nurse took care of
me until I got the casts off. pre teen snatch Really good-looking dude preteen swimsuit girl about six feet two
inches with a japan asia preteen
blonde flattop hair cut. Between him and mom they took pretty
care of me for weeks while I recovered. But he was the one that took care
of most of my personal hygiene needs. I think he also worked at one of the
VA hospitals `casue I remember seeing him there and he would family preteen nudist visit me."Ronny stopped there not wanting to disclose any further details about the
relationship between him and the male nurse."Do you remember big preteen boobs what happened to your caregiver? Do you remember his name?
Why he left? Where did he preteen show go after leaving service working for your
mother?" Doctor Cutting asked."His name was Jason Cox. Dude preteen nn cp
left after all my casts were removed and I
started Physical Therapy at the VA and then preteens micro bikinis
videos preteens xxx home. You know, I was able to
take care of my personal hygiene by then and dress myself. He still stopped
by every once in while to visit and then he was gone. Where he went... I
think, preteen archives sex if I remember, he was supposed to go to medical school
somewhere. The rest is free preteen tite
kind of hazy."Again, Ronny thought he could remember more about Jason, but refrained from
telling the whole story. He wasn't sure how much the doctors knew about the
incident involving Jason and his brothers."Well, young man I want you to know considering the physical and emotional
trauma you suffered this preteen bbs portal past year incest rape preteen your memory is pretty good," Dr. preteen 3d model
said, "Now it's time amateur nude preteens for preteen 13yo
us to work with you preteen sex lola and help you get back to a
normal life.""Thanks. Now when do I get outa here?" Ronny asked eagerly."This facility offers the preteen modles porn
very best in alcohol and substance abuse
rehabilitation, Psychiatric and Neurological care as well as an preteens rubing pussy
PTSD program for vets. Our goal, if you will allow us to work with you, is
to get you back on your feet ukraine preteen pics as a productive member of society,"
Dr. Cutting briefed, "But that's going to take time.""Doc, I still don't know why I'm preteen porn mags being held here," Ronny said."Ronny, your uncle, mother, adopted brother, Gary, and I finally managed to
track you down. When we found you, you were in a pretty bad state
physically and emotionally. We did an preteen lesbains pics
intervention a week ago. After your
father's death you began engaging in nude preteens photo some very self-destructive behaviors,
bordering on suicidal," Dr. Thorn explained.Ronny lay in the bed staring at the ceiling his eyes filling with tears. He
asked, "So, my dad is really dead?""Yes Ronny. In fact, I was on duty the day your father was brought into
Allenville nude preteen ladies Medical Center's Trauma Center. He suffered a cerebral aneurysm
at preteen virgin free work and by the time he got to the trauma preteen boys tgp center he was in what we call
a stage naturist preteens pictures 4 condition on the Hunt and Hess scale."Ronny continued crying, "No... no... no it can't be true.""Yes, Ronny your father is gone. He was cremated per his instructions,"
Dr. Thorn said."IT'S fairy preteen pics NOT TRUE!" Ronny screamed."Ronny your dad received the very best care from the moment he arrived at
Allenville right up until he passed away ten days later. If he had been
brought in when preteen rape porn
your dad first experienced the stage 1 headache things
might have been different. In short, young preteen sexpics if we had been able to treat him in a
grade 1 or 2 condition there nude video preteens might have been some hope, but a early preteens nudism grade 4 only
carries a 20 percent survival rate and many times that is in preteen nude ru
a vegetative
or semi vegetative preteen cocksucker pictures state.""You need to get preteen lola
some rest young man," Dr. Cutting said, "We shock preteen tgp
hope to get
you started on rehabilitation Monday morning."Dr. Cutting put the chart down before he prepared to leave the room and
said, "See preteen blog sexy you Monday preteens pink list Marine.After Dr. Cutting departed Dr. Thorn reached down and began releasing the
restraints sky preteen models from Ronny's wrists. "After your injuries in Afghanistan and
throughout your treatment and recovery at military hospitals you were given
some pretty heavy duty drugs to help control pain as well as other
medications.""Isn't that kind of insest gallery preteen standard procedure for injured personnel?" fresh preteen portal
Ronny asked.Yes, the VA began using medications to help preteen candid forum you with the pain and to sleep
as well as other medications to address the issues connected with Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder. You became addicted to some of these medications
and after your dad's death you became addicted to alcohol as well as drugs
you could buy on the street."Ronny rubbed his wrists after they were released from the leather
restraints. He asked, "Can I get up?""Let me help you." Dr. preteen galleries pics Thorn preteenincest pics helped Ronny sit up and turn in the bed
putting his feet on the floor."What else did I do?""You didn't do anything, Ronny. We believe that the physical trauma you
suffered along with the emotional trauma of losing your buddies in the
crash and then red mag preteen losing your dad sent you over the edge. Along with your
dependency on alcohol and drugs to deal preteen porn art
with your physical and emotional
issues you became delusional to preteens x pics the point of possible suicide.""I am truly sorry for what I've put you all and my family through.""No need to apologize model preteens young
to me it's all preteen ilegal pedo part of my job, maybe you need to
apologize to your family, but not me. You've got a lot going on in your
head, Marine. We preteen x pthc
know you suffered a concussion back in Afghanistan. The
medical field now refers to that type injury as a non-penetrating TBI.
That's my preteen incest newsgroups specialty and where I'm doing my research.""So, I'm one of your research subjects?""You are one of the subjects of my defloweration preteen research, but please preteen teen rape don't give my
research a negative connotation. What we don't know is to finnish preteen pics
what extent the
TBI has affected preteen sex galleries
you. Something we're going to address if you'll work naked preteen pictures
us over the next few weeks.""I'm preteen gallery search
willing," Ronny replied, "Do you know when I'll be able to see my
family? I need to make kds preteen models amends.""Let me talk to Dr. Cutting preteen virgin video and then make some phone calls. I'll get back
to you later on this afternoon. Do you think you'd be up to visits this
weekend?""Sure.""Okay. I see you later. Oh by the way the nurse will be in with preteen brutal bbs your
breakfast in a few. I took the liberty of ordering a Belgium waffle, three
scrambled eggs, four pieces of bacons well, a bowl of fruit and coffee with
one cream," preteen model hentai Dr. Thorn said with a wry smile as he exited the room.Ronny lay back on the bed thinking about what the doctors had said. He
wondered what all he done to get locked up, but most of all how Dr. Thorn
new what his favorite breakfast was.
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