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From: Marcus Agnew
Subject: Marcus Makes a Mistake - Part 2Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic depictions of sexual
activities and erotic abuse between males. If this offends you, then fuck
off. If it is illegal for you to read this where you live, then nymphets photos nude stop
reading and go somewhere where it is legal.This is the second part of nymphet rape galleries the story of how I was enslaved and met Master.
Master, Boss, and I would definitely like to hear your thoughts nymphets nude drawings about what I
write. Boss and I are fully owned by Master. Any requests of us will have
to go through Him but you may email any comments or requests to me at so that I may share them with Master and Boss.We've all enjoyed reading the comments and compliments we've received models girls nymphet
far. For tiny girls nymphets
clarification, as you adorable nymphet teenagers
will find in this chapter, the man pictures naked nymphets with the
ugly feet is not Master, however, cgi nymphet the hot muscled guy nymphet forum links is Boss. I would
never refer to my Master as the man with ugly feet!Master also wants me free nymphet archive to make clear that russian nymphets gallery any requests for my picture need to
be accompanied by a picture of you.Sit back, put one hand on your dick, and enjoy the story.
After what felt like an eternity of deep rimming, my dick was hard and
dripping. Nobody had touched it. I was so far on edge that I wished
somebody would finish me off.Eventually, the muscle stud behind me was ordered to stop and to take a
position in front of me. My gag was removed and I moved my aching jaw to
loosen it up and then begged for my dick to be stroked to completion. I
asked to be let go so that I could go home and forget any of this happened.
I wanted..."SILENCE! Slaves only respond to questions and I didn't ask you anything."I assumed these orders came from the fat man with ugly feet."Now that the dickless wonder has eaten your pussy, it's your turn to return
the favor."My blindfold was removed. My vision was blurred but I could see that teens under nymphets the
muscle stud was in front of me, still naked except for his jockstrap,
collar, and cuffs. The stud was made to turn around and put his ass in my
face.I gladly buried my face deep between the muscled cheeks to find the sweet
spot I was after. As I found it, I heard a deep moan. I went deeper and
heard a louder grunt of pleasure. Soon, I had him begging for deeper and
harder.As I continued to rim this hot ass, the fog of the alcohol continued to lift
and my horniness subsided (if sweet nymphets tgp only a little). With my newfound clarity I
made a few interesting observations:1. As far as I had seen, there wasn't a hair on the muscle stud below
his sideburns--not one on his wild nymphet bbs
ass nor a stray escaping his jockstrap.2. I hadn't seen nymphets nude l
any furniture or decoration inside this apartment
other than bondage equipment.3. nymphet nude gallery
My tongue was getting ridiculously tired. I'd lost all track of
time and wasn't nymphet virgin models sure how long I could keep this up.As I archive nymphets started slowing down with my tongue, the moaning slowed to a
whimper. Then
I felt a nymphets nude erotic
hard slap on the ass. "I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO SLOW DOWN, PUSSY!"I kept at it and free nymphet tgp continued to eat the muscled ass long after I thought my
face would fall off. As I did so, I felt pudgy fingers around my hole. I
was being lubed up and stretched.I shuddered in panic--I was young teen nymphet pics
going to be fucked by an unknown, fat, ugly man
who I'd never gotten a close nymphet cartoons look at! free naked nymphet Besides he disgust of getting teeny nymphet cloud fucked
by a man whose only feature I had seen were repulsive feet, I feared the
diseases he would cutie nymphets nude
expose me to.I stopped eating ass to beg to be released toplist 12 yr nymphet and not to little underage nymphet be fucked. adolescent nymphets tgp I got no
response other than a harsh tug on the balls."BOY! Put the gag back in free hot nymphets the crybaby. He's done eating your cunt." prety nymphets The
muscle boy quickly complied with his orders. As he turned around though,
oddly, the pouch of his jock didn't show the outline of a hard tiny thailand nymphets dick.He then went behind me, presumably to assist the ugly feet in fucking my
vulnerable ass.I felt a pressure at nymphet tgp xxx my hole. I tried to stay nymphet jpg clenched to keep out the
intrusion, but I knew it was futile. The nymphette model movies
invasion continued.Wider and wider it went. I felt like this man was going to tear me. How
would I manage beastiality nymphets
to be fucked by this monster?! Still, the intrusion slowly
advanced, deeper and deeper.I was in pain. My hole had been stretched beyond the boundaries. As I
wondered how much worse it could be, the intrusion fell into my ass with a
pop. It wasn't a dick but a butt plug.I felt hands on my package. I could tell whose, how many, or what was being
done. It was clear that I wasn't being stroked and that, although the hands
were firmly moving my balls around, it forbidden naked nymphet wasn't meant to cause me shy nymphets biz undue pain.
I little nymphetes porn heard a click and the hands were gone.Although my hands remained locked in position, I was released from the bench
and allowed to stand. It took a underground nymphet porn
minute nymphets free clips
to get my balance cute nymphets alt after having been
bent over for so long.I looked down and saw a plastic cage locked around my package. My dick was
encased in plastic that looped around my balls and was secured by a small
lock. I saw the man with ugly feet in full view. I now knew free petite nymphets sites
that he was
equally underage nude nymphettes
repulsive from head to toe--he was very overweight, ancient in years,
smelled of alcohol and cheap cigarettes. Fortunately for me, he wore a
white undershirt with sparse white hairs escaping from his chest and under
his arms. Even more fortunately, he wore a pair of shapeless sweatpants
that allowed me to massage nymphet
avoid seeing even a glimpse of the repulsive form
underneath.His pudgy hands nymphets sexy pulled the muscle stud close to him and gave him a deep
mouth kiss. The old man clearly enjoyed himself as he forced the tall stud
next to him to kiss him. The passion nymphets and gallery was not shared by the muscled slave
but was only endured.After the kiss, a swift hand pulled the love nymphetscom
jockstrap down below the studs
package, exposing a plastic cage similar to the one I was now wearing. The
fat man then took nymphettes and young
a key from his pocket and released the stud's hands."Gym slut, you did very good tonight!" the man told the man next to me. "I
think your pick will make your Master proud.""And you, freshmeat," he addressed me, "I'm sorry for all of this. But I
think you'll enjoy it. nymphetes models I hope you didn't have any plans this weekend. If
so, you will have to cancel them tomorrow. Gym slut will get you ready for
bed, you are required to obey him fully. You have a big day tomorrow. See
you soon."The muscled slave picked up the jockstrap and nymphets doll
handed it to the fat man. With
it in hand, the man left.Gym slut looked at me with sadness."I'm really sorry I got you into all this. I wish I could've told you what
was happening, but I didn't have a choice. If I take that out of nymphets for free
mouth, nymphets kidblack nymphet models do you promise not to make a nurgle nymphs porn lot of noise?" I nodded and he began to
remove the gag. "Please, call me Boss. I'm a slave, too, but I hate being
called Gym slut."I looked at him. "I thought we were just nymphets land free going teenie nymphete video to play a little. I liked
the idea of a little public exhibitionism and being submissive but what the
fuck is going on here! Take all this shit off of me, get me my clothes and
take me home!""I wish I could. nymphet collections I don't have the keys and, by now, our clothes nymphet cock suckers and the car
I drove you in have been driven away. It's late, lets get cleaned up and I
can try to answer some questions before bed.""Who was that guy? Why do you let him treat you like that? Is he your
Master?" I asked."He's not Master, but he's known Master for a very long time. I'm not sure
of his real name but I've heard him called Bear. Master ordered me to refer
to him as Sir and to follow all of his orders as if they were his own. Other
than that, I don't know much about him.""That convertible you nymphet free angels
drove me here it yours? Why can't you take me
home?""The car used tgp nymphets movies to be mine but when I was enslaved, I signed it away. Master
owns it now. I'm beautiful nymphet sure that Bear drove it away tonight."He led me to the bathroom. The room had no door. The counter was
completely clean and empty except for a can of shaving cream, a toothbrush,
toothpaste, and young naked nubile nymphets a pack of disposable razors. There was no curtain on the
shower and no seat on the toilet. There was petite blonde nymphet also not a speck of dirt
anywhere in the room.Boss turned on the water lovely girl nymphet
at the sink and picked up the toothbrush. sexy nymphets bbs
squeezing a small littlenymphets amount of generic toothpaste onto the nymphets in school uniform bristles, he told me
to open up. Reluctantly, I did. If there was only one nymphets chill site toothbrush, at least
I would be the nymphets land free pics
first to use it. kiss nymphets
Awkwardly, he little nymphets illegal brushed my teeth for me and
gently scrubbed my tongue."You can rinse in nymphet models videos the shower, just wait for me to brush my teeth first."After he quickly brushed his own teeth, Boss carefully rinsed the sink
clean, pulled a paper towel from the cabinet nymphet playhouse behind us and dried up the
remnants of the mess before ukrainian nymphet princess
disposing of the towel in the trash can.He french nymphet magazines walked me to nymphets posing nude
the shower and helped me in. He told me that if I intended
to pee before bed, that this was the best nymphets little girl
time to do it and that ukranian nymphet pic
I shouldn't
be afraid to piss in front of him because we'd be doing much more than that
together this weekend. He let go of his bladder and warm liquid ukrainin nymphets
down on my legs and feet.Always a little piss-shy, I couldn't do the same.He leaned over and turned on the faucet. Ice-cold water rained down on us.
I was freezing!He reached for a bar of soap and began to soap himself up from head nymphets sexy pics to toe
then rinsed himself off.He began to repeat the process with me and watched my body from head to toe
with soap. As he knelt to wash my chest and abs, the extreme cold and
running water caused my full bladder to burst and I uncontrollably pissed on
Boss' chest and body.He roughly finished cleaning me and then put me under the cold water to
rinse me. Silently, he set about washing images nymphet my piss young nymphet panties
off his body, using #╚╠▀?
me to
block him from the cold. As he did this he began to explain his life as a
slave."Master nude japanese nymphets keeps this apartment as sort of a play area. Usually I stay at his
home, but sometimes I am left here. Still, wherever I am, Master doesn't
want to pay for a slave to have luxuries. I'm sometimes allowed to use
warmer water if I need to shave, but usually I'm required to use cold water
to bathe."He finished soaping and rinsing and started to wash my hair with shampoo. A
minute later, I was rinsing nymphets tgp bbs and he was washing his own hair. Obviously,
with water this cold, a guy didn't want to waste much time under the nymphette teen
water.As we exited the shower, Boss pulled one very small towel out of the cabinet
and used it to dry his chastity belt, mine, and then my handcuffs before he
set about drying the tub and the floor.He explained, "you and I can air-dry. But we don't want Master's property
to get damaged or dirty."Both asian nymphet bbs of us shivering, magic nymphet gallery
he led me into nymphet angels xxx what would've been a bedroom--had there
been a bed in it. Instead the room was filled with more bondage gear and
bondage 16 yo nymphet furniture. Boss opened the closet door to reveal a walk-in closet
fitted with gallery photo nymphet metal bars inside."This is where we are staying until morning. Go inside and try to make
yourself comfortable," he said as he walked over to the side of the room
where a medium butt plug sat on a stool next to a bottle of lube. He lubed
the plug and his hole and grimaced as he quickly slid the monster inside him
before turning off the lights and following me into the acrobatic hot nymphets
dark cage.The cell door was shut and locked.There nymphet strip naked
I sat in a locked prison cell inside of a dark closet, naked except
for naked nymphet galleries a chastity belt, collar, and lovely nymphets naked handcuffs with my ass nymphet models 11 years plugged. I sat next
to a similarly situated man who'd been free pictures nymphets
denuded of all his body hair and
referred to himself as a loita nymphet slave. We were captives inside of an apartment
turned inescapable dungeon owned by a Master girl links nymphets I had never seen.And to top it off, I was still horny but unable to access my dick.
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